Baking Gadgets: 27 Unique & Useful Pieces Of Equipment For Epic Baking

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: August 4, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 baking gadgets we’re geeking out over!


Croissant purists say that’s the “perfect” number of layers a croissant should have [source].

If you knew this, congrats! You’re a pro. If not, that’s ok too 🙂

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or are exploring a new passion for creating sweet treats, there are tons of awesome baking gadgets and accessories out there to expand your culinary horizons.

We’ve gathered a list of the most unique, helpful and stand-out pieces on the market to help you heat things up. 

Baking gadgets

The Sweetest Baking Gadgets, Supplies & Accessories in 2024

1. Bakesplit Adjustable Silicone Baking Sheet Divider

Save time and space creating multiple baked dishes with the Bakesplit Adjustable Silicone Baking Sheet Divider.

This super-handy accessory allows you to cook more and clean less by serving as a mix-proof pan divider. Making it perfect for:

This baking gadget has a universal magnetic design and is made with high-quality BPA-free food-grade silicone. It’s an adjustable accessory that can expand to fit a variety of bakeware.

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2. Wallflower Smart Plug for Electric Stove and Oven

Give your stove a 21st Century upgrade with the Wallflower Smart Plug for Electric Stove and Oven.

This intelligent little gadget can help keep you and your family safe by alerting you if the stove has been left on or turned on accidentally.

We love that it’s super simple to install and can connect any electric stove to the internet so that you can monitor it from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.

It’s also UL Listed and ETL Certified for additional peace of mind.

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3. CakeDozer Cool Pie and Cake Server

If you like to stock your kitchen with adorable accessories that serve a helpful purpose, the CakeDozer Cool Pie and Cake Server is one to add to your collection.

This cake and pie serving spatula is designed to look like a bulldozer plowing through your confectionary concoctions.

Once you’ve scooped up a piece of cake, pie or bread, simply push the slider on the handle and the bulldozer will shovel the slice onto the plate.

We think it’s perfect for homes with children or to keep on hand for parties, though it does make a fun and adorable everyday accessory!

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4. KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer

If you’re looking for a piece of kitchen equipment that can help you do it all, look no further than the KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer. Make this powerful all-in-one accessory your new kitchen assistant and start tackling all kinds of recipes.

It comes with a stainless steel bowl and features a tilt-head design for easy of access to bowls and beaters. 

What’s really cool is that it can also help you make pasta from scratch, shred blocks of cheese, knead dough, whip cream, beat batter, and so much more.

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5. One Bowl Bread Maker

One Bowl Bread Maker

Do you love the mouthwatering smell of freshly baked bread filling your home but hate the cleanup at the end? 

Look no further.

Now you can make delicious bread easily and efficiently with the One Bowl Bread Maker.

This innovative baking accessory allows you mix, knead, rise, and bake in a single silicone bowl. It also works in both conventional ovens and microwaves, so you can make hot, fresh bread anywhere and anytime.

If you pull the trigger on this nifty gadget, you’ll also receive a mini baguette baker, spatula, and a collection of regular and gluten-free recipes to make life that much easier.

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6. COSORI 12-in-1 Smart Oven

Cook anything and everything in one space-saving piece of equipment with the COSORI 12-in-1 Smart Oven.

This powerful little machine looks like your average toaster oven, yet it’s anything but. It’s an air fryer-toaster combo, countertop convection oven, rotisserie and dehydrator all in one!

To make cooking as easy as possible, the team at COSORI included 12 functions, including pizza, roast, toast, bagel, bake, ferment, broil, and more.

They’ve also incorporated a large 32-qt./30L capacity, which means you can easily fit a 13” pizza, 6 slices of toast, or a whole rotisserie chicken inside.

The geek in me loves that you can connect the oven to your smartphone, allowing you to  control the light and fan, adjust time and temperature, connect to voice control, and browse recipes.

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7. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

How many times have you started making a dish only to have it burn or boil over because you were distracted and forgot to come back and stir it? 


It’s a common problem in the kitchen, that is, until now. Enter the Automatic Pan Stirrer!

This clever kitchen accessory is designed to be your third arm on the stove when a dish requires continuous stirring. All you need to do is place it in the pan, set the timer, and it does all the work for you.

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8. Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool

Chef's Portable Multi-Tool

Whether you’re trying to save space in the kitchen or just love cooking your food in the great outdoors, the Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool is a super-convenient accessory to have on hand.

It comes with 12 stainless steel cooking tools, including can and bottle openers, a serrated knife, small paring knife, channel knife, carving fork, stirring spoon, bottle opener, fruit and veggie peeler, garlic crusher, cheese grater, and zester.

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9. Magic Bake Snake DIY Baking Mould

If you love baking cakes in different shapes but don’t want a dozen metal moulds taking up space in the kitchen, this Magic Bake Snake DIY Baking Mould is just the accessory for you.

This food-grade silicone baking mould comes in five flexible pieces that snap together so you can create any shape cake you want. From a standard round cake to a four-leaf clover, it’s never been easier to get creative with your cakes!

Being non-stick, it’s super-simple to remove and clean, saving you even more time in the kitchen.

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10. Adjustable Rolling Pin with Thickness Rings and Pastry Mat Set

If you love experimenting in the kitchen by cooking different types of food from all over the world, you can certainly benefit from adding this Adjustable Rolling Pin to your accessory collection.

This multi-functional rolling pin comes with adjustable thickness rings, helping you to roll out everything from pastries to pizza crusts and even Indian breads like chapati to the perfect thickness.

It also comes with a 23.6” x 15.75” rolling mat that has ruled edges and a circular guide in the middle to help you roll with accuracy.

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11. Split-Decision Pie Pan

Split-Decision Pie Pan

Pie-lovers rejoice! With the Split-Decision Pie Pan, no longer do you have to choose just one pie to bake or bake multiple pies if you want more than one flavor.

Now, you can do it all in one simple pan!

This carbon steel pie pan comes with a handy divider that allows you to bake two completely different pies at the same time.

What’s really cool is that the divider can also be removed so you still have the option to make a regular-sized pie as well.

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12. Easy Lattice Pastry Roller and Cutting Tool

The Easy Lattice Pastry Roller and Cutting Tool is the cheat code of baking gadgets.

This clever accessory makes it super easy to get a professional lattice design over pies and pastries without you having to fret over the details.

You can use it on everything from pies and breads to biscuits and cakes, and even chocolates! 

Made from premium stainless steel with a solid wood handle, simply roll the cutter over your chosen type of dough and voila! A perfect lattice design for all to marvel at.

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13. Adjustable Cake Cutter and Leveler

Want to create cakes just like the pros? Then the PROKITCHEN Adjustable Cake Cutter and Leveler is a must have. This handy baking accessory takes all the guesswork out of slicing cakes for layers, helping you create perfectly even slices in one motion.

Being made of stainless steel and coming with a non-slip handle is key, this combination gives you the control and precision needed to layer your cakes with the utmost accuracy.

Dreaming of making a 7-layer rainbow cake or even a simple 2-layer cake, no worries, the adjustable height feature allows you to make slices of whatever thickness you desire!

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14. Dessert, Calzone and Empanadas Dough Press

Make your favorite stuffed pastries in half the time with the Prepworks by Progressive Dessert, Calzone and Empanadas Dough Press.

Coming in three different sized dough presses, measuring 4”, 5”, and 6”., you can use it to make everything from dumplings and ravioli to hand pies, empanadas and more.

The multifunctional design of this dough press features a crimped edge on one side and a circle on the other. Use the circle to measure and cut your dough, then fill and press to get a perfectly sealed crimped edge around your fillings.

These handy accessories have an attractive design and are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup when you’re done using them.

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15. Premium Insulated and Fireproof Oven Gloves

Do you love to spend time over the grill or BBQ? If the answer is yes, this pair of Premium Insulated and Fireproof Oven Gloves are designed to protect your hands from burns when grilling, and even frying, cooking or baking.

The secret? They are made with P-Aramid fiber that’s engineered with M-Aramid fiber, which is the same material that’s trusted by firefighters, military personnel and aerospace engineers.

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16. Dreamfarm Pizza Cutting Scissors and Server

Hey, pizza-lovers! We’ve got just the gadget for you. Cut perfect slices of pizza without scratching your pans or countertops with the Scizza Dreamfarm Pizza Cutting Scissors and Server.

Made with hardened German stainless steel blades and a BPA free nonstick base, these scissors are heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.   

Whether you’re serving up thin crust or deep dish pies, use this handy accessory to cut perfect slices with ease.

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17. Macaron Kit

Macaron Kit

Whether you want to indulge in a decadent treat on a weekend alone or are looking for a fancy dessert to serve to your guests after a dinner party, this DIY Macaron Kit can help.

It has everything you need to create this French patisserie-style cookie at home, including:

It also comes with a recipe book that can help you concoct all sorts of flavors for your macarons, including pistachio, rose, Earl Grey, wasabi and much more.

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18. Electronic Kitchen Measuring Spoon with LCD Display

Are you someone who MUST follow recipes to a T? Then the only question I have for you is…

If you don’t have this Electronic Kitchen Measuring Spoon with LCD Display to measure out the ingredients, why not?!

This handy device can take all the guesswork out of baking. The LCD display has options for measuring in grams, ounces, grains, or carat and can measure as little as 0.1g all the way up to 500g.

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19. DecorStar Meat Food Thermometer

Make perfectly cooked baked foods and juicy pieces of meat with the DecorStar Meat Food Thermometer.

This super-accurate food thermometer is designed to be ultra-fast and accurate to a single degree.

Speaking of temperature, it has a wide range of -58 degrees Fahrenheit up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be used virtually anywhere and on any dish.

It’s also worth noting that the AMAGARM Meat Food Thermometer is CE, FDA, and RoHS certified.

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20. MEATER Plus – Smart Wireless Food Thermometer

If you love outdoor grilling and hosting BBQs, you’ll love the idea of cooking without having to be tethered to the grill with the MEATER Plus – Smart Wireless Food Thermometer.

This smart accessory allows you to monitor the temperature of the foods you’re cooking via your smartphone or tablet and from a range of up to 165 feet. So you can be free to wander around and socialize as you cook without worrying about overcooking anything.

What’s cool is that it also features a guided cooking system, advanced estimator algorithm and connectivity suite to help you get the best result possible.

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21. Sondiko Adjustable and Refillable Butane Torch with Safety Lock

The Sondiko Adjustable and Refillable Butane Torch with Safety Lock is a safe and durable culinary torch to help you put the finishing touches on your favorite sides and desserts.

Made with a durable aluminum alloy body, use it to caramelize sugar, toast bread crumbs, melt cheese, roast bell peppers and more.

It can also be used for non-food applications like lighting candles, arts and crafts projects, welding and many other things.

We love versatility!

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22. Cucina Pro Apple Peeler and Corer

Almost everybody loves apples, but absolutely no one loves the hassle of peeling, coring and slicing them!

Welcome the Cucina Pro Apple Peeler and Corer to your kitchen and prepare apples all year long and hassle-free for your baking.

Simply set this device up on your countertop, pop an apple on the end and peel, slice and core it in one easy motion.

Made from high quality chrome cast iron, it features a strong suction cup that helps it stay put on just about any hard, level surface.

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23. Stainless Steel Egg Yolk Separator

Whether you’re watching your diet or simply havea recipe that only needs yolks or egg whites, this Stainless Steel Egg Yolk Separator can help you separate those raw eggs with ease.

Gone are the days of dropping shells into the bowl and getting your hands all messy trying to separate the egg whites from the yolk.

You can also use it as a sieve to hold the egg yolk while you catch the whites in a dish below.

It’s also made of food-grade stainless steel making it a durable and dishwasher-safe accessory that’s easy to clean!

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24. Kootek Cake Decorating Kit

The Kootek Cake Decorating Kit will have you decorating cakes like a pro in no time.

It comes with everything you need to create beautiful cakes for any occasion, including:

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25. Homemade Bagel Making Kit

Homemade Bagel Making Kit

Say goodbye to your regular breakfast take-out joint and make hot, fresh bagels in the comfort of your kitchen with this Homemade Bagel Making Kit.

It comes with six ready-to-use cone-shaped bagel moulds, that help you to pierce the dough and form it around the mould.

Then all you need to do is boil it, bake it, and voila! Perfect bagels.

For added convenience, each piece has pinchable tips and micro perforations to make boiling and draining water easy.

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26. Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats

Anyone who loves to bake can benefit from having these Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats in the kitchen.

Measuring 16” x 26”, these BPA Free professional-grade liner sheets are designed to provide even heat distribution throughout the baking pan, so you can rest assured knowing that whatever you’re baking will cook evenly.

They’re also made to withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for making everything from cookies and pastries to macarons, bread, and more.

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27. Milk and Cookies Shot Glass Making Kit

Milk & Cookies Shot Glass Making Kit

What’s better than a shot of booze? A shot of milk (or chocolate) straight out of a freshly-baked cookie, of course! Make dessert even more fun with this Milk and Cookies Shot Glass Making Kit.

All you need to do to make the cookie shot glasses is add cookie dough to the included silicone moulds, bake them, and then remove the “glasses” using tabs connected to the moulds.

Then, fill them with whatever your heart desires and indulge.

Baileys is my go to!

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The Top 6 Baking Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

Wallflower Electric Stove & Oven Smart Plug

Peace of mind for those “Did I…?” moments.

Buy on Amazon

MEATER Plus Smart Food Thermometer

Get the perfect internal temp. every time.

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COSORI 12-in-1 Smart Oven

Great for bakers with limited space.

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One Bowl Bread Maker

One Bowl Bread Maker

The quick & CLEAN way to make bread.

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Homemade Bagel Making Kit

Homemade Bagel Making Kit

Homemade bagels & cream cheese? Yes please!

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Split-Decision Pie Pan

Split-Decision Pie Pan

This is sure to surprise your next guests.

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