16 Cool Baseball Gadgets & Training Equipment For Hitting, Pitching & More

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: September 13, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 baseball gadgets we’re geeking out over!

In recent years, youth baseball participation has been growing faster than other popular sports like soccer and football [source].

It’s easy to see why. Baseball keeps kids active, teaches coordination, helps them make friends, and promotes teamwork.

Whether your kid is in Little League, you’re a high school athlete hoping for a scholarship, you play on a co-ed team for fun, or you just enjoy a good game of catch, you’re sure to love these baseball gadgets!

baseball gadgets

Cool & Useful Baseball Gadgets In 2024

1. SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball

Don’t let sunset stop your game of catch. Instead, use the SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball and play catch any time!

When you take out the core, pop in a battery, and replace the core, the ball lights up with super-bright LED lights along the seams. Not only does that allow you to see the ball in the dark, but you can also better see how it’s rotating, making it perfect for pitchers to practice their various pitches.

With the weight, feel, and genuine leather of a regular baseball, it doesn’t feel much different throwing this ball.

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2. BlazePod Flash Reflex & Reaction Training

Whether you’re running for home plate or chasing balls in the outfield, milliseconds matter. Improve your reflexes and reaction time by practicing with the BlazePod Flash Reflex & Reaction Training.

Each pod has 8 color options, and the BlazePod app has numerous workouts to choose from using the pods in whatever way best suits your needs.

These pods are sensitive enough to detect a light tap and sturdy enough to handle a stomp. They’re even splashproof, so they’ll stand up in most weather conditions.

A 1-hour charge provides up to 8 hours of usage time, and the pods communicate with your mobile device from up to 40 yards away.

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3. MaxBP Batting Reaction Trainer

MaxBP Batting Reaction Trainer

Identifying the ball’s speed and trajectory is the best way to hit the ball out of the park. Improve your ball tracking skills with the MaxBP Batting Reaction Trainer.

It’s like a pitching machine that shoots golfball-sized plastic balls. Since they’re smaller than regular baseballs, you can improve your ball tracking skills and discover that regular balls are even easier to follow once you get used to the small ones.

Additionally, the MaxBP can help improve your hand-eye coordination, a crucial skill in America’s pastime.

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4. Mizuno Baseball Training Paddle

The perfect compromise between a cheap foam paddle and a more expensive leather one that will never get broken in like a “real” glove, the Mizuno Baseball Training Paddle is perfect for teaching infielders to use both hands when fielding balls.

Available in both left- and right-handed throwing versions, this glove will fit hands of varying sizes and has natural, smooth leather for durability and a natural feel.

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5. BIG LEAGUE EDGE VPX Baseball Training Harness

From Little League to the MLB, hundreds of thousands of players have benefitted from using the BIG LEAGUE EDGE VPX Baseball Training Harness.

This device provides both positive and negative feedback on your technique, whether you’re hitting or pitching, while also strengthening your legs.

With only 20 minutes a day, you can add 4-6 mph velocity to your swing or pitch within 3 weeks.

With the purchase of the harness, you also get access to a mobile application with a variety of programs, courses, and how-to videos to help you use the product and improve your game.

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Baseball Hitting Gadgets

6. Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer

Get real-time feedback on your swing with the Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer.

You attach it to the knob of your baseball bat and it captures a variety of metrics. Additionally, you can use your phone to record and automatically clip slow-motion videos of each swing, with metrics overlaid to help you see where you can improve.

Track your progress and easily share your stats with your friends or coaches.

It’s important to note that you need to pay $100 a year for a subscription to access everything but bat speed, peak hand speed, and attack angle. Additionally, to use it for more than one person, you need to pay $6.95/monthly for any additional players.

Also, this swing analyzer isn’t compatible with all mobile devices. Make sure to read the product listing carefully to make sure it will work for you.

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7. Powerchute Baseball Home Swing Trainer

Did you know practicing with weighted bats can actually slow your swing down? Instead, use the Powerchute Baseball Home Swing Trainer to increase your swing by 10 mph in 60 seconds or less.

Whether you use it to warm up in the at-bat circle or to practice your swing in the off-season, the Powerchute builds your fast-twitch muscles and fine-tunes your swing mechanics.

Invented by MLB legend Barry Larkin, the Powerchute is used by professionals and appropriate for any baseball or softball player ages 8 and up.

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8. Homer Handz Weighted Training Batting Gloves

Throw or hit the ball harder and faster by practicing with the Homer Handz Weighted Training Batting Gloves.

Available in 5 sizes with removable weights, these gloves have curved weights that naturally fit the shape of your hand for a comfortable fit while practicing.

Since humans aren’t all perfectly symmetrical, be sure to measure both of your hands to get the best-fitting gloves.

The smallest size (Youth Large) fits hands that measure 6 3/8″ to 6 11/16” from the bend in the wrist to the tip of the middle finger, and the weight can be adjusted from 4 oz to 1 pound per glove.

The largest size (X-Large) fits hands that measure 8 ⅛” to 8 ½” from the wrist bend to the tip of the middle finger and weighs from 1 lb 5 oz to 2 lb 1 oz per glove.

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9. SWINGRAIL Baseball Swing Training Aid

SWINGRAIL Baseball Swing Training Aid

Improve the form of your swing with the SWINGRAIL Baseball Swing Training Aid.

This unique tool helps you “feel” how you should be swinging. Recommended for players ages 9 and up, this tool can help:

Used by more than 350,000 players, the SWINGRAIL also includes 15 instructional videos to help you get the most out of using the product.

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10. Hitting Knob Swing Training Bat Weight

Rather than weighting the barrel of the bat, you’ll get more effective results training with the Hitting Knob Swing Training Bat Weight.

By adding weight to the knob of the bat, you get a better feel for how you should be holding the bat, which helps increase your bat speed and hitting power.

Additionally, using this knob weight helps prime your fast-twitch muscle fibers, which is critical for increasing your bat speed.

It’s important to note that you have to push the spring mechanism pretty firmly with the bat knob to get it to engage properly. Watch a video or two to make sure you’re doing it right before returning it because you think the spring doesn’t work.

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11. Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine

Pitching machines that require batteries or electricity can be a hassle and tend to be expensive. Instead, go with the completely manual Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine.

While it can take a while to calibrate it to shoot over the plate, it’s extremely consistent once you get it set, especially if you use the stakes to secure it to the ground.

This adjustable pitching machine can throw hard balls from 18 to 45 mph and soft plastic balls up to 60 mph. It can throw slow-pitch softballs with up to a 12” arch.

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Baseball Pitching Gadgets

12. Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Baseball

If you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later, the Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Baseball is an excellent way to get instant feedback on every pitch you throw.

This smart baseball measures velocity, spin direction, spin rate, delivery, extension, and time to plate, sending the information to your mobile device. You can also sync video with pitch metrics so you can see how body and arm motions affect your pitch metrics.

Note that the app is only available for iOS devices and it requires a $9.99/month Premium Pitcher subscription per player for more than just the most basic information.

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13. Ball Coach Pocket Radar Gun Kit

For the price, the Ball Coach Pocket Radar Gun Kit is extremely reliable and accurate to within 1-2 mph.

Powered by two AAA batteries, this radar gun clocks speeds from 25 to 130 mph and has easy triggering capabilities.

For best results, position the radar gun as close you can to where the ball is being thrown. While it’s accurate at distances up to 120 feet, the readings get less accurate the more of an angle there is between the ball and the radar gun.

This kit includes a tripod, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a battery charger with 4 batteries.

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14. Rapsodo PITCHING 2.0

Rapsodo PITCHING 2.0

For the absolute best feedback on your pitching, you need the Rapsodo PITCHING 2.0.

This system uses camera and radar technology to measure and analyze every possible data point of a pitch in flight, including spin rate, velocity, spin direction, true spin rate, 3D trajectory, spin efficiency, pitch break, strike zone analysis, and release height, angle, and side.

The Diamond App for your iPad shows all that data and also includes features like strike zone analysis, auto pitch tagging, immediate video feedback, and more.

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15. SKLZ Marked Pitch Training Baseball

Since it’s regulation size and weight, the SKLZ Marked Pitch Training Baseball is the best way to help young pitchers master the curveball, slider, and 2-seam and 4-seam fastballs.

With color-coded finger placements and a key right on the ball explaining which colors are for which pitches, kids can easily see for themselves how to hold the ball for each pitch.

There are finger placement markings for both right- and left-handed throwers, so anybody can use this ball to improve their pitching technique.

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16. Rukket Weighted Baseballs

Improve your arm speed, throwing mechanics, and arm health with the Rukket Weighted Baseballs.

The 3-pack includes one ball each weighing 6 oz, 8 oz, or 10 ounces, perfect for warming up with a weight just heavier than regulation and working up to a ball that’s twice the regulation weight.

The 9-pack includes balls ranging from 3 oz to 12 ounces. Use the lighter balls on days when you still want to practice while giving your arm a bit of a rest, and use the heavier balls to gradually build up the resistance on days when you want a good arm workout.

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The Top 6 Baseball Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Baseball

Get instant feedback on every pitch you throw.

Buy on Amazon

MaxBP Batting Reaction Trainer

MaxBP Batting Reaction Trainer

The easiest way to improve reaction times.

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Ball Coach Pocket Radar Gun Kit

An accurate, reliable & affordable radar gun.

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Powerchute Baseball Home Swing Trainer

Increase your swing speed by 10 mph.

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BlazePod Flash Reflex & Reaction Training

Train better and you’ll play better!

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SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball

Now you can practice anywhere, anytime.

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