Cool Car Gadgets: 27 High-Tech Accessories for Your Daily Driver

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: August 4, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 car gadgets we’re geeking out over!

18 days

That’s how long, on average, motorists spend per year in their cars. [source]

It’s no wonder many of us have close bonds with our daily drivers!

If you’re behind the wheel a lot, you know how important it is to ensure your rides are smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.

That’s where the coolest of cool car gadgets come in.

We’ve rounded up a variety of gadgets for your car that will not only upgrade your commutes but also keep you safe and comfy all the way.

car gadgets

Cool & Fun Gadgets for Your Car in 2024

1. nonda ZUS Smart Device Charger With Location & Battery Monitor

The nonda ZUS Smart Device Charger with Location & Battery Monitor is a 2-in-one smart gadget that helps you charge your devices and also locate your car.

It uses high-end technology to charge twice as fast as the other chargers so you can quickly charge your devices on the go.

The best part about this device is that it helps you quickly locate your car using GPS in crowded parking areas so you don’t have to struggle with looking for your car anymore.

It also has an inbuilt-parking meter alert system which ensures that you never have to pay a parking ticket again.

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2. Compustar Remote Start System With App Control

The Compustar Remote Start System with App Control comes with a remote-key system for your vehicle.

Since it works with a remote, it makes it super-easy to access your car. It has a range of 3000 feet which makes it reliable to find your car from just about anywhere.

It features a two-way LED confirmation system that keeps you informed about whether your car is locked or unlocked.

Additionally, the devices include the X1-LTE drone which helps you control your vehicle conveniently by supplying it with an unlimited range.

The device is water-resistant and highly durable so you can use it in any weather and not worry about wearing it out. 

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3. Garmin HD 140 Degree Dash Cam

The Garmin HD 140 Degree Dash Cam captures the entire environment when you’re driving.

It comes with a 140-degree field of view and records the complete scene along with most of the cross-traffic details. The recording also includes detailed data of your GPS location and time.

This is especially important because it captures your surroundings continuously in case any incidents occur so that you get to have a record of it.

You can use your voice to control this dashcam. For example, when you say “Ok, Garmin”, it saves the picture or the video to your device in no time. 

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4. BlueDriver Smart Vehicle Health Monitor & Scan Tool

The BlueDriver Smart Vehicle Health Monitor & Scan Tool can turn your smartphone into a tool that can diagnose your car.

The device works through Bluetooth to scan your car for any problems that it might be facing. This means it can help you save the money that you would’ve otherwise had to spend taking multiple trips to the mechanic.

It lets you check and clear your engine light codes and helps you run heated catalyst test, component test, ABS misfire counts, A/C refrigeration test, sensor tests, and more. All the data is displayed in real-time so that you can solve these issues more conveniently.

With this device, you don’t have to be an expert to be able to understand and solve your car problems. 

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5. Car AC Vent Lip Balm Holder

The Car AC Vent Lip Balm Holder ensures that you never lose your lip balm in the car again.

The holder is placed by your car’s AC vent so that your lip balm won’t end up melting all over your coin tray or glove compartment on sunny days.

With Car AC Vent Lip Balm Holder, you don’t have to worry about your chapstick sticking to the lid, getting crooked, or leaking out of the container.  

This holder ensures you never have to struggle to find your lip balm again. The holder also makes it super-easy to reach the chapstick, apply it, and put it right back in place. 

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6. NOCO GENIUS10 Smart Car Battery Charger

The NOCO GENIUS10 Smart Car Battery Charger is an all-in-one beast of a device for your car battery.

The device charges batteries that are as low as 1V. You can literally bring the dead car batteries back to life by manually charging batteries with 0 volts with the help of its force mode.

It acts as a battery charger, trickle charger, battery maintainer, and battery desulfator so you can always keep your car battery running and healthy.

Alongside providing super-fast charging, this device also comes with a thermal sensor. This will ensure that your battery will neither be under-charged when it’s cold nor over-charged when it’s hot.

From cars to boats, this device is compatible with just about any vehicle.

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7. MANKIW Smartphone Mount & Wireless Charger

This Smartphone Mount & Wireless Charger is the ultimate wireless charger for your car.

It can charge just about any smartphone super-fast and wirelessly so you don’t have to worry about messy USB cables.

MANKIW has included an auto-clamping arms which means you can now quickly retrieve or mount your smartphone with just one hand.

The long neck serves two cool functions. First, it places your smartphone on the dashboard while keeping your line of sight intact. Second, it brings your phone closer to you so that it gets super easy to access its functions.

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8. Stander HandyBar Mobility Aid Handle & Escape Tool

If you’re looking for assistance for your car, the Stander HandyBar Mobility Aid Handle & Escape Tool is a great option.

This handle can be easily inserted into your car’s latch or the U-shaped door striker. It fits parallelly to the car and comes with a no-slip grip for balance and stability so that anyone who requires mobility aid can freely move in and out of the car without anybody’s assistance.

It also acts like a seat belt cutter and a window breaker which makes it super-easy to escape during an emergency so you know you can travel in peace.

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9. 200-Piece Professional Car First Aid Kit

The 200-Piece Professional Car First Aid Kit is a 200-piece medical kit that gets all your first aid needs covered.

From bandages to a large trauma pad – this kit covers all your emergency medical needs so you can take your trips knowing you’ll be safe.

Weighing just around 12 ounces, this kit is super-light, compact, and ultra-portable. It’s also extremely rugged and durable which means you can take it along with you on any adventure.

Simply toss it into your glove compartment and you’re ready to go. 

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10. Waterproof/Scratchproof Dog Back Seat Cover Protector

The Waterproof/Scratchproof Dog Back Seat Cover Protector is the comfiest and safest seat cover that you can get for your pet.

It’s made of high-quality, layered material which makes it entirely waterproof. This means that your seat will stay protected from water, fur, or mud. Its material also ensures that your dog stays comfortable throughout the trip.

It also has a slip-proof bottom which means your dog wouldn’t end up sliding about the seat and stay extra-secure and comfortable.

The seat cover can be installed within 60 seconds and fits just about any car backseat. 

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11. AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit

The AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit is a great option if you’re looking for a wireless backup camera solution.  

It’s also completely wireless which means you don’t have to deal with fussy wiring problems anymore.

The device’s transmission runs up to 100 meters in open areas which means you’ll always be supplied with a high-quality image with no glitches.

It’s compatible with just almost all vehicles and has an anti-vibration so that you can have the perfect vision even if the roads are bumpy.

The rearview camera also includes 6 LED lights with turn on automatically so that you can see it with clarity even when it’s pitch dark outside. 

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12. Baseus 70W Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a hassle-free car cleaning solution, the Baseus 70W Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner is a great option for you.

Its high-end design includes both suction and blowing features. This means you can not only use it for vacuuming your car but also blow any kind of dust with it.

Its advanced suction technology ensures that your car gets a deep and fast cleaning by removing debris, dust, or just about any residue. It’s also extremely light and ultra-portable so you can carry it wherever you go.

It comes with three nozzles that can be interchanged with a cleaning hose, straw, and brush so you don’t miss a single spot. 

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13. ColorCoral Cleaning Gel

When it comes to deep cleaning surfaces while having fun, the ColorCoral Cleaning Gel is a cool and unique option.

It’s a basic cleaning gel that takes the shape of every surface for a thorough cleaning. The ColorCoral Cleaning Gel is biodegradable, has a lavender fragrance, and doesn’t stick to your hands or surfaces which makes it very convenient to use.

You can use it continuously until it turns dark, in which case, you can restock the gel for further usage.

Be it your dashboard, cup holder, AC vent, or just about any surface, it gets you the perfect results. It comes in green and yellow color options to choose from. 

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14. OUDEW Leakproof Car Trash Can

Don’t know where to put those used tissues or other pieces of trash? The OUDEW Leakproof Car Trash Can comes with an awesome solution!

This trash can fit right in your car door pocket or the cup holder, meaning it won’t occupy all that much space. Besides, it would also look like a sleek and stylish part of your car’s interior.

It comes with a bounce-over set-up which makes it practically effortless to discard just about anything in the can.

Because it’s made of high-quality, premium materials, you can rest assured that it is here to stay. It comes in black, gold, silver, and colors to pick from. 

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15. Govee App Controlled Interior Car Lights

When it comes to adding a little jazz to your car, the Govee App-Controlled Interior Car Lights are just what you need.

These strip lights can be installed easily in just about any car, bringing it alive with a gorgeous vibrancy. You can simply control the brightness and color of these lights using your smartphone.

What’s most special about these lights is their dynamic music feature. They have an in-built mic that syncs the music you play so the lights glow with the beats. This livens up your car whether you’re on a weekend get-away, road-trip, or an evening drive.

You can get these lights in just about any color you can think of!

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16. Wynd Essential Mini Car Air Purifier

The Wynd Essential Mini Car Air Purifier lets you breathe fresh and clean air wherever you go.

The device ensures that you are surrounded by a healthy environment by automatically adjusting purifying the air either fast or slow.

Weighing less than a pound, this device is ultra-portable. This is great because you can carry it easily in your car without having to worry about the lack of space.

Alongside being the highest-rate purifier, it has a long-lasting battery of 8 hours. Whether it’s traffic pollution, dust, pollen, or just about any contaminant, with this device, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected. 

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17. BARTUN Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you want to prolong the life of your tire, you can depend on the BARTUN Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

The device helps you track the tire temperature and pressure so that you not only stay safe throughout your rides but also save a ton of money by ensuring fuel efficiency.

This device is super simple to set up and can be easily synced with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Since all the tire health data is at your fingertips, you don’t have to make frequent rounds to the mechanic for repairs.

It’s also anti-corrosion and comes with an anti-theft design so the device always stays protected. It’s also waterproof which means you can use it even when it rains.

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18. Shade Sox Universal Car Side Window Covers

To protect your kids when you’re driving under intense sunlight, the Shade Sox Universal Car Side Window Covers is the solution you need.

These window covers are specially designed to stop sun-glare, provide UV protection, and bring down the heat. Naturally, children are far more sensitive to heat – but with these covers, they can enjoy their car ride instead of being bothered by the sun.

It comes with a breathable mesh so you can roll down the windows and continue enjoying the breeze. It fits the majority of cars and can be installed in no time. It’s also durable so you can continue beating the heat for a long time. 

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19. Clampstick Rear View Mirror Mounted Cell Phone Holder

If you use Google or Apple Maps frequently, the Clampstick is an ideal rear view mirror smartphone mount.

You can easily mount it on the rearview mirror and turn your GPS on. This means you don’t have to worry about the stand blocking your line of sight so that you can travel safely.

Simply squeeze the tabs on the back then place your phone in between the clamps and release.

Alongside being simple and efficient, this holder is robust and sturdy which means it won’t wear out no matter how many times you use it. 

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20. LED Roadside Warning Safety Flare Kit

When it comes to ensuring your and your loved ones’ safety on dangerous roads, the LED Roadside Warning Safety Flare Kit can be a trustworthy option.

Featuring an orange-colored, bright LED light, these LED road flares are designed to help you avoid life-threatening accidents during roadside emergencies.

They come with an instant on and off switch and include important functions like SOS, rotating, 3-LED flashlight. To turn it off, you can simply hold the on and off button for 3 seconds.

These lights are waterproof so you can use them despite heavy rains. 

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21. Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

Anyone who drives should be prepared for any auto emergencies that could pop up on the journey. The Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit is an ideal option to stay prepared for the same.

The kit has all the tools that can assist you during a breakdown. It includes a flash lamp, advanced jumper cable, tow ropes, warning triangle, snow shovel, seat belt cutter, safety hammer, raincoat, compass, adhesive tape, and much more so that all your auto needs are covered.

Despite featuring a storehouse of tools, this kit is super-light and compact which means you can easily store it in your trunk, backseat, or even the spare tire compartment.  

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22. Sun VisorTissue Holder

Most tissue boxes end up being crumpled, half-empty, and under a seat. To avoid this mess, the Sun VisorTissue Holder is a great option for quick access, especially if you have kids.

You can place it on the sun visor of your car, car door, or the backseat as per the spot that’s the most convenient for you. This helps you save a lot of space in your car.

Made of high-quality leather, this tissue box is durable, stylish, and stays firmly in place. Once placed in your car, you will never have to struggle to look or reach for a tissue whenever you want. 

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23. Macally Car Headrest Mount For iOS & Android Devices

Instead of splurging on expensive entertainment systems for your car’s backseat, you can simply get the Macally Car Headrest Mount For iOS & Android Devices and mount your device on it.

It comes with a ball-head that helps passengers view the device from multiple angles so that they can watch their shows comfortably.

Additionally, it has a robust aluminum shaft which ensures that your device stays stable and steady instead of bouncing during the ride. It even fits the devices that come with bulky cases.

You can install it in no time and without the need for any modification and the mount can fit even devices with bulky cases. 

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24. Drop Stop Original & Patented Car Seat Gap Filler

How annoying is it when you drop your phone or coins down the side of your car seat? But with the Drop Stop Original & Patented Car Seat Gap Filler, you won’t have to be bothered with that again.

By blocking that gap between your center console and car seat, it ensures that nothing gets dropped (and sometimes lost) in that gap anymore. With this gap filler, you don’t have to struggle to look for and pick what you dropped.

Made of high-quality neoprene casing, this gap filler lets you stretch and contract it to fit the exact size gap of your car. Once installed, it simply becomes a part of your car and catches everything you drop. 

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25. XINDELL Window Windshield Cleaning Tool

Trying to clean the interior windscreen is the most awkward and difficult job. This is where the XINDELL Window Windshield Cleaning Tool comes in to save the day!

The tool comes with a pivoting head and a super long extension handle which help you easily reach the windshield spaces that would’ve otherwise been difficult to reach. This enables you to not only clean your car’s windshield perfectly but also ensures you don’t end up hurting your back while cleaning.

Comprising a detachable handle, you can disassemble it into two halves to store it easily.

This tool comes with two cleaning pads and a 30 ml spray bottle which makes it a complete windshield cleaning solution. 

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26. BESTEK 300W DC 12V to 110V Power Inverter

If you want to charge your devices on the go, the BESTEK 300W DC 12V to 110V Power Inverter is a great option for you.

This device is a reliable storehouse of power and comes with 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlets so you can charge laptops, smartphones, or just about any device with high speed.

It comes with a 24-inch cigarette lighter plug which means you can use it with just about any car. It’s super light and compact which makes it an ideal option for camping, vacations, or work trips.

It’s also extremely durable thanks to its metal housing and comes with a design that protects it from overheating or short circuits so you know it’s extremely safe to use. 

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27. Autostyle Insurance & Registration Document Holders

Guilty of just throwing your insurance and registration documents in the glovebox? The Autostyle Insurance & Registration Document Holders solve that problem!

It has 1 large insurance card pocket, 4 business card-sized slots, and another half a slot for large papers. 

Whether it’s your insurance cards, registration documents, or just about any important papers, this holder will keep them safe and secure so you find them all in one place in an instant.

It’s made of high-quality leather which remains unaffected by cold or heat and comes with a magnetic closure to keep the contents firmly in place.

It’s available in a variety of colors to choose from.

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The Top 6 Car Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

nonda ZUS Charger + Location & Battery Monitor

Charge devices & monitor your car battery & location!

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Compustar Remote Start System With App Control

Cool or warm your car from your home.

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Garmin HD 140 Degree Dash Cam

So much more than an ordinary ‘dash cam’.

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BlueDriver Car Health Monitor & Scan Tool

Easily access diagnostic data without a mechanic!

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NOCO GENIUS10 Smart Car Battery Charger

Always be prepared for the dreaded dead battery.

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Baseus 70W Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Clean those hard to reach places in your car.

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