21 Cool Desk Gadgets To Deck Out The Home Office & Work Cubicle

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: August 3, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 desk gadgets we’re geeking out over!

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or for something light hearted to relieve a little stress, desk gadgets can be a unique way to add a bit of personality to the work environment.

They’re great as gifts or for anyone looking to spruce up their home office or work cubicle.

Let’s get stuck in!

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The Best Desk Gadgets & Accessories In 2024

1. Miniature Desktop Putting Green

miniature desktop golf

This miniature putting green is a must-have desktop gadget for any golf lover. Not only does it work perfectly, but it’s also a great way to give your mind a break.

Have a few minutes between meetings? Why not grab the little putter and try for a hole in one. 

What’s really cool is that you can adjust the pitch of the green to create a new challenge for yourself every time.

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2. Perpetual Desk Calendar by Gideon Dagan

perpetual desktop calendar

A lot of us use some sort of calendar, but none like this beautiful model.

This stunning perpetual calendar uses adjustable magnetic balls to mark the day and month. The year is missing, but that’s a good thing as you’ll be able to use it forever!

We think the design is well suited as a desk gadget but you also have the option to hang it on the wall. Either way, it will look like a modern piece of art that serves a practical purpose.

It’s also worth noting that the creator, Gideon, has made his perpetual calendar available in two sizes.

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3. Smartphone UV Sanitizer

smartphone UV sanitizer

Sanitizing has become more important than ever and it’s no secret that your phone can be a breeding ground for germs.

But not with this case.

The Smartphone UV Sanitzier showers your device with UV rays, which help kill any bacteria or viruses lingering on it. As soon as it’s finished, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s clean and perfectly safe.

The case also has built-in acoustic amplifiers, so you can still listen to music or hear an incoming call or text while it’s cleaning.

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4. Decision Paperweight

decision paperweight

The Decision Paperweight is a great take on the famous 8-ball, helping you to make tough decisions.

Feel like you need a break from making all the tough calls? All you need to do is give it a spin and the right answer will present itself.

We have no doubt that this would make a great gift for those colleagues who are famous for being indecisive.

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5. Miniature Desktop Skee Ball

desktop skee ball

Do you enjoy playing classic arcade games? Now you can from the comfort of your desk with this Miniature Desktop Skee Ball set.

Simply pull down the spring and let the ball fly! It will help give you the mental break you need ,but be aware, your coworkers will probably want to get involved.

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6. 5-in-1 Gadget Tool Pen

5-in-1 tool pen

If you’re thinking about upgrading your pen game then this 5-in-1 Gadget Tool Pen is a no brainer.

Along with being a trusty pen, it includes four common tools that seem to be missing when you need them most. They include a ruler, bubble level, screwdriver and stylus for smart devices.

Not only is it easy to write with and super function, we think it looks pretty damn cool too!

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7. Portable Fidget Spinner Multi Tool

portable fidget spinner multi tool

The Portable Fidget Spinner Multi Tool can help you out in an emergency and also act as a stress reliever for those difficult days at work.

This desk gadget perfectly combines a fidget spinner with a range of useful tool heads that are commonly used on many products. They include Phillips head, Flat head and Torx tips, each in two sizes.

With it’s sleek design, it’s easy to see why fidget spinners became such a big hit with people who like to keep their hands busy.

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8. Timbrefone Acoustic Phone Amp

wooden phone speaker amplifier

Many people like listening to music when they work but their phone’s speakers just don’t cut it.

Fix it with the Timbrefone Acoustic Phone Amp.

The unique and handmade design by Marc Stitzlein and Rich Norton helps produce a much clearer tone and a larger range of volume, and naturally. That’s right, no cords or batteries are needed!

It’s worth noting that the Timbrefone was created with the iPhone in mind, but will comfortably fit any model. Even the larger ‘plus’ models with a case.

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9. Hourglass Flip Clock

mechanical hourglass flip clock

For those who like mechanical devices, this Hourglass Flip Clock is a great timepiece worthy of a prominent position on any desk.

Simple in nature, the hour and minute tiles change just like any clock. But it’s the hourglass tiles that we really admire. Throughout the day the hourglass will go from full to empty acting as an important reminder that time is passing us by.

We think it looks amazing and from the reviews on UncommonGoods.com so do those who bought it!

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10. Magnetic Sand Hourglass

magnetic sand hourglass

While the previous gadget we looked at uses a fake hourglass, this is the real deal.

But with one important difference.

The Magnetic Sand Hourglass is a cool desk gadget that uses ‘iron sand’ and a magnetic base to create a mesmerising effect.

As time passes and the iron sand falls the magnets create a cool stalagmite like pattern. Pair that with a very attractive design and you’ll find it hard to take your eyes off it!

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11. Blown Glass Radiometer by Thomas von Koch

blown glass radiometer

Thomas von Koch’s Blown Glass Radiometer is a stunning piece of art that is sure to be a conversation starter.

What the heck is a radiometer?

Also known as a ‘light mill’, a radiometer converts light into kinetic energy, which is what makes it spin. You can see it in action here.

Thomas von Koch creates these stunning pieces hand and we have no doubt that it will make a few colleagues jealous!

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12. Weather Predicting Black Swan

weather predicting black swan barometer

Here we have another beautiful piece of art but this one is a little more practical as it can predict the weather.

The creator, Zach Borutski, blows glass in the shape of a swan. It’s this design that creates a barometer to tell what kind of weather is ahead. 

For example, when atmospheric pressure is low the water in the swan’s neck will rise, indicating that a storm is approaching.

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13. Retro Wireless Charger

retro wireless charger

With all this modern technology it can be easy to forget how everything used to look and feel.

This retro charger combines the old with the new, incorporating the latest wireless smartphone charging technology with the classic design of an old TV.

It’s available in either red or white and can charge a wide range of devices.

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14. Wooden Mechanical Moving Card Holder Kit

moving business card holder kit

This is the perfect item for any gadget lover who uses business cards.

With the touch of a lever, the mechanics whip into action, opening the lid of the box, presenting the business cards inside to your client or colleague.

See it in action.

Another cool aspect of this product is that it’s a DIY kit where you get to assemble the birch pieces yourself!

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15. Miniature Desktop Basketball

miniature desktop basketball game

Miniature Desktop Basketball is the perfect gadget for any  basketball lover who is looking for a lunchtime distraction.

Made from high quality Baltic birch, the set comes with a basketball hoop and a spring-loaded flicker that shoots ‘bean bag’ basketballs.

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16. Meditative Movement Pendulum

meditative movement pendulum

The Meditative Movement Pendulum is for those of us who struggle to take a few minutes out of our schedules to relax and destress.

As you watch the pendulum move back and forth in a hypnotizing fashion, the chrome weight at the end glides through fine sand creating zen garden like patterns.

Available in black and chrome or cherry wood, this hypnotic piece will add a touch of class to any corner office.

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17. OPOLAR USB Powered Desktop Fan

The OPOLAR USB Powered Desktop Fan might not be as beautiful or pretty as some of the other desk gadgets we’ve looked at but it is definitely extremely useful.

Many of us know all too well how bad cooling systems can be in an office, especially those with an open plan. It’s time to take back control!

Available in brown, blue and pink, this nifty little fan is USB powered, meaning you can plug it into your laptop, desktop tower or even a portable charge.

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18. Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

circadian optics lampu light therapy lamp

The winter blues are real and many people can suffer when they aren’t getting the right amount of sunlight.

The Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp provides 10,000 LUX brightness, which is the amount of light recommended by the National Mental Health Institute for light therapy [source].

This level of light is 20 times greater than regular indoor lighting and helps to improve your mood, boost your ability to focus, better regulate your sleep and battle against fatigue.

It’s worth noting that these lamps use high quality LED lamps with a 50,000 hour lifespan and don’t emit harmful UV rays.

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19. 12″ Desktop Ring Light by Lumina Pro

desktop ring light

For those of us who jump on a ton of video calls and struggle to get the right lighting, the Desktop Ring Light by Lumina Pro can help.

The LED lamps have a color temperature range between 3000K to 6000K, giving you a large spectrum of cold and warm lighting to suit your work environment.

It’s also light, strong and highly portable, making it a great option when working from home.

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20. SpaceX Starship Scale Model by Spaceship Mania

spacex starship scale model desktop gadget

Anyone that loves space exploration or is a fan of Elon Musk is going to love having a scale model replica of the SpaceX Starship on their desk.

Whether you use it as a paperweight or just as a display item. It’s a beautiful model and representation of what can happen when we push the boundaries of what we’re capable of.

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21. Mini Desktop Metal Trebuchet by Cubicle Warfare

desktop metal trebuchet

It’s worth noting that this Mini Trebuchet is a desk gadget that might get you in trouble with the boss, which makes it even more fun.

But be aware, this amazing piece of craftsmanship by the team at Cubicle Warfare is not a gimmick.

It’s a fully working trebuchet that can fire projectiles up to ten feet!

Our tip: launch scrap paper into the recycle bin with your work colleagues. Why not take a few moments to clear your mind and do the right thing for the environment! 🙂

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The Top 6 Desk Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

Miniature Desktop Putting Green

Our favorite desk gadget for golf lovers.

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Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

circadian optics lampu light therapy lamp

An amazing way to start your work day.

Buy on Amazon

Mini Desktop Metal Trebuchet

desktop metal trebuchet

A unique gadget that will get colleagues talking!

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Magnetic Sand Hourglass

magnetic sand hourglass

A super cool & modern take on an old classic.

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Weather Predicting Swan

weather predicting black swan barometer

An elegant option for the home or work office.

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Smartphone UV Sanitizer

smartphone UV sanitizer

You can’t get much more practical than this!

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