Hunting Gadgets & Gear: 21 Items for Every Outdoors-Person in 2024

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: January 30, 2022

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 hunting gadgets we’re geeking out over!

Fun fact: Pennsylvania is ranked #1 in the US for hunter density per square mile. [source]

What’s even crazier is that their school holidays and business trading hours are impacted by the hunting seasons!

Though you certainly don’t need to live in Pennsylvania to enjoy hunting. 😉

With countless hunting gear options out there, it gets tricky to pick the right options.

This is why we have compiled a list of hunting gadgets that will not only make your life easier in the wild but will also enhance your chances of a successful trip.

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The Best Gadgets, Gear & Gifts for Hunters in 2024

1. Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace Scent Killer

One of the most convenient gears for hunting, the Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace Scent Killer ensures there’s no trace of your smell or scent on the field.

Because it uses plasma ions to neutralize human scent, you can safely breathe around it without any health risks.

This unit is compact, discreet, and has a very quiet fan which means you can keep it entirely concealed from the game. Since it’s durable and simple to mount, you can easily set it up.

Its safety and efficiency features come together to ensure you have a smooth hunting experience. It comes in four options – field unit, portable unit, trunk unit and car unit so you can pick what goes best with your adventure. 

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2. Hunting First Aid & Trauma Kit

The Hunting First Aid & Trauma Kit is the one seal of safety that every adventurer needs.

This emergency medical kit includes important trauma supplies that stabilize fractures and sprains, close wounds, and stop any form of bleeding.

It has pockets that contain injury-specific supplies which means you can quickly find whatever you need during emergencies.

Although it’s lightweight and portable, it includes supplies that can accommodate up to 6 people for up to a week. This means it’s more than enough to cover all the medical needs of a small group. 

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This is also a must-have in any prepper’s kit. If you’re someone who wants to be prepared for absolutely anything, check out our article on the best survival gadgets.

3. DVR Night Vision Rifle Scope With LCD Display

If you haven’t found that perfect night vision hunting camera yet, you might want to take a look at the DVR Night Vision Rifle Scope with LCD Display.

This camera has a 720p HD resolution which lets you take high-quality pictures and videos even if it is pitch dark. This not only makes it easy to find game but also film your entire hunting escapade in the nights.

The gadget is highly durable and shockproof which makes it fit for high-intensity recoils. Since it runs on batteries that fit in a special compartment, you don’t have to worry about them falling off during recoils.

It comes with easy assembly and mounting features so you can set it up in no time.

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4. Garmin Alpha 100 Multi-dog Tracking GPS

Hard to keep track of your dog in the wild? With the Garmin Alpha 100 Multi-dog Tracking GPS, that won’t be a problem anymore.

Since it lets you draw virtual boundaries around your current location, you can receive an alert the moment your dog crosses it. This ensures that your dog never gets lost.

It has a real-time, satellite GPS system that lets you track and train up to 20 dogs by tracking their speed, traveling direction, and distance from you.

You can also use this device’s tracking features to keep up with your hunting group. With the help of its TOPO U.S. 100K maps, rescue mode, and beacon lights, you don’t have to worry about losing your way anymore. 

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5. Wildlife Research Scent Killer Field Wipes

While it’s sometimes impossible to take a shower on trips, you can always use the Wildlife Research Scent Killer Field Wipes to stay fresh.

These wipes also contain aloe and vitamin E which keeps your skin nourished and protected. With the help of its anti-odor formula, the wipes keep you clean no matter how much you perspire outdoors.

The pack includes 24 wipes and can be used by both men and women. 

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6. Top Vision 120° WiFi & Bluetooth Hunting Game Camera

If you want to capture ultra-clear wildlife videos and images when hunting game, the Top Vision 120° WiFi & Bluetooth Hunting Game Camera is the device you need.

You can easily mount it just about anywhere and connect it to your phone’s wifi to control the camera’s images and videos better.

With the help of its 3 sensors, the camera detects even the slightest movements and captures them within 0.2 seconds, which means you’ll never miss anything on the field.

It’s waterproof and dust-proof through and through which means you can use it in just about any weather. 

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7. Liplasting Hunting Camera SD Card Reader for iOS & Android

If you’re carrying a trail game camera on your next hunting adventure, you will definitely need the Liplasting Hunting Camera SD Card Reader for iOS & Android.

Since not all smartphones have enough memory to handle heavy images and videos, you will always need a reliable back-up option to be able to access these files on the field. With this device, you can view, share, or delete them right away.

It’s compatible with Type-C, lightning, USB and micro USB interfaces and almost all the devices including Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, and more. 

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8. Stealth Cam 4.3″ LCD SD Card Reader

In case you don’t want to carry a smartphone on your hunts, the Stealth Cam 4.3″ LCD SD Card Reader is a great option to review the footage.

It comes with a storage of 64GB and lets you view the videos and images that your trail camera captures. It also includes a headphone jack to review your playback videos.

Since this device works with batteries, you don’t have to worry about a power source. 

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9. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

With the TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder, you don’t have to worry about scaring your target away from the shot.

By providing you with the distance and speed data you need, this device lets you make precise shots. This means you don’t have to worry about making distance errors or causing your target to detect your presence.

In addition to weighing just 185g, it is rugged and durable which means you can easily carry it to all your hunting expeditions.

This rangefinder comes with a wrist strap, CR2 battery, pouch, and a cleaning cloth. 

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10. Ameristep Tent Chair Blind

One of the most important hunting requirements is the element of surprise that helps to capture your target in a flash and the Ameristep Tent Chair Blind is the smartest way to do that.

Ideal for both crossbow and firearm hunters, this tent chair blind cleverly conceals you from top to bottom from the game.

It also conceals shadows and blocks scents which means you can now take your shot easily, without alerting your target.

Its durable, lightweight, and has a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry wherever you go. You can also buy a two-person version of this gear.

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11. Autocastle Electric Heated Hunting Socks

Sitting in a blind with limited movement in cold weather can be tough! This where the Autocastle Electric Heated Hunting Socks can help.

These socks are powered by rechargeable batteries which work for long hours. They’re equipped with 3 heat settings which means you can adjust the amount of warmth you need.

They also provide 3 layers of insulation and are both waterproof and windproof so that your feet remain warm and cozy no matter how bad the weather gets. 

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12. ArcticShield Men’s Boot Insulators

If electric heated socks aren’t your thing, the ArcticShield Men’s Boot Insulators are a great option.

Once you fit these insulators over your boots, you will stay warm and protected from snow or cold of any kind. They are made of 100% durable polyester fabric, are easy to wear, water-resistant, and windproof. This makes them the perfect option for hunting.

They are available in small, 2x, and large sizes. In case you’re wearing heavily-insulated boots, make sure you choose the next larger size. 

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13. Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Predator Caller

When it comes to applying clever hunting tactics, the Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Predator Caller is the high-end hunting sound machine you need.

With this device, you don’t have to waste your time programming or creating long-number sound sequences.

Instead, just select the sound you need, and a high-quality predator call will boom as far as 300 yards from where you are. You can even use it to make two sounds together, helping you free up even the smartest coyotes.

It also has backlit buttons so that you can use it for hunting at night. 

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14. Primos Bloodhunter HD Headlamp

In case the game doesn’t drop in its track, it can be challenging to track it down. To make the situation easier, the Primos Bloodhunter HD Headlamp is just what you need.

The combination of sophisticated blood-tracking technology, ultra-bright LED lights, and proprietary filter makes it possible to see the blood in darkness so you can track your target down without any frustration.

Since it’s tested for the toughest of situations, you can rely on it for every hunting expedition. 

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15. FieldTorq Multi-Functional Hunting Knives

If you’re looking for a clean and effortless field-dressing tool, the FieldTorq Multi-Functional Hunting Knives are a great option.

These knives have specially designed blades and knife points that are blunt. This ensures you neither accidentally cut yourself nor cut the game’s bladder and gut so there is no room for mess or danger of any kind.

It helps you field dress just about any game in 5 minutes with the help of its long blade, zip blade, and torque assist.

It also comes with an ergonomic, reinforced nylon handle which makes it easy for you to perform the field-dressing.

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16. Raptorazor Big Game Skinner & Mano Hunting Knife Combo

Processing your game after a good hunting adventure doesn’t have to seem like a task. The Raptorazor Big Game Skinner & Mano Hunting Knife Combo makes it easier.

These multifunctional field dressing knives help you process your game in a faster and cleaner manner instead of creating a messy situation.

Since these knives have an anodized orange coating so you don’t have to worry about corrosion of any kind. The orange color also ensures that these knives are quick to locate.

Made of aluminum, these knives are strong and durable which makes them extremely useful for post-hunting activities. 

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17. Smith’s Abrasives PP1 Hunting Knife Sharpeners

The Smith’s Abrasives PP1 Hunting Knife Sharpeners pack a complete sharpening solution in a small device.

It contains carbide blades that let you sharpen the edges of your blades to precision. For extended sharpening, you can use its Carbide and Ceramic Stones.

You can also pull out the Diamond Coated Rod with a tapered end if you want to sharpen serrated knife edges.

Its 0.02-pound weight makes it ultra-portable and its lanyard hole helps you carry it with ease. Using the device’s preset sharpening angles, you can sharpen knives of any kind.

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18. Hunters Specialties Gut & Butt Field Dressing Tools

The Hunters Specialties Gut & Butt Field Dressing Tools is a combo of two important field dressing tools – gut hook and their patented butt out 2.

The gut hook enables you to smoothly unzip the game while the butt out 2 lets you disconnect the game’s anal alimentary canal. With the help of these features, you can ensure you perform clean field dressing.

The tool has a rubber finger grip which keeps you in control of the process. It also comes with a pouch that makes it easy to carry. 

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19. Paracord Survival Bracelet With 1.5-Inch Knife Blade

With the Paracord Survival Bracelet With 1.5-Inch Knife Blade, you can now wear your weapon.

This bracelet comes with a survival knife that can be deployed in a flash which makes it a crucial emergency tool.

Its hawkbill blade is 1.5 inches long and made of stainless steel which means it’s far more durable and stronger than it looks. The heavy-duty paracord makes it rugged and robust and doesn’t wear out no matter how rough you use it.

Its knife guard and nylon/glass clip help you lock the blade in place when it’s not in use. 

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20. Kohree CREE 80000 LUX LED Hunting Light

If you want the hunting to continue even at night, you can do so easily with the Kohree CREE 80000 LUX LED Hunting Light.

It lets you select from red, green, and white light LED lights according to your surroundings. Its white LED light comes with adjustable brightness so that you can dim or brighten it as per what your hunting requires.

It comes with rechargeable batteries that run for long hours so you can continue your adventure throughout the night. The head is made of aluminum which makes the lamp robust, durable, and rainproof so you know it will come in handy for every hunting expedition.

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21. Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch With GPS

When in the wild, GPS alone is not enough to track your surroundings. This is why the Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch With GPS comes with the following features:

With the help of these features, you can easily track even the most challenging environments. In addition to this, it also tracks your activity, stress, and heart rate.

It has an impressive battery life of 14 days in smartwatch mode and 16 hours in GPS mode which makes it extremely reliable. It is also water-proof and shock-proof, making it suitable for every environment. 

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The Top 6 Hunting Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace Scent Killer

Conceal your scent when it matters most.

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Hunting First Aid & Trauma Kit

Be prepared to treat any injury in the field.

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Garmin Alpha 100 Multi-dog Tracking GPS

Easily track your pack (up to 20 dogs).

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Wildlife Research Scent Killer Field Wipes

Clean up without adding any scents.

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Top View 120° WiFi & Bluetooth Hunting Camera

Easily check images from your game camera.

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Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch With GPS

A rugged option with the features a hunter needs.

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