23 Must Have Motorcycle Gadgets & Accessories For Your Next Ride

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: September 15, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 motorcycle gadgets we’re geeking out over!

Did you know that most motorcycles get 58 miles to the gallon (4 liters per 100 km)? That’s better than the most efficient hybrid cars on the market [source]!

Gas mileage aside, there’s nothing like the thrill of taking the old lady out for a joy ride.

But what if I told you it could be even more enjoyable? Would you believe me? Well… I hope so 🙂

We’re fortunate to live in an age where technology is making it easier than ever to create unique motorcycle gadgets that not only make riding more fun but also safer.

Here are our favorite gadgets and must have motorcycle accessories.

motorcycle gadgets

The Coolest Motorcycle Gadgets in 2024

1. MoniMoto Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker and Alarm

The MoniMoto Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker and Alarm is a two-in-one GPS and alarm system that a motorcyclist would love to include in their gear.

The device is easy and quick to install and comes with a SIM card and batteries. It has a battery life of 12 months which means you don’t have to worry about any messy wires anymore.

Its alarm system directly calls on your smartphone within a minute of any movement detection so you can rest assured that your motorcycle is always protected. It shows highly accurate location details with or without a GPS that your ride is smooth all the way.

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2. FOBO Bike 2 Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System

When it comes to keeping your tires healthy and your rides safe, it’s important to acquire a smart tire pressure monitoring system like the FOBO Bike 2 Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

It helps you constantly monitor the pressure and temperature of your motorcycle tires. This means you can always keep track of your tire’s performance and get it checked the moment you find any glitches with it.

What makes it a smart gadget is that it syncs with your smartphone through Bluetooth so you get instant and real-time data even while you’re riding your motorcycle.

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3. Oxford OF3 Disc Lock & 100dB Alarm

Your motorcycle is precious and you shouldn’t tolerate any harm or theft done to it. This is why the Oxford OF3 Disc Lock & 100dB Alarm ensures that it stays protected.

The moment anyone tampers with it, the device booms out with a 100 dB alarm so you know your motorcycle will stay safe and sound even when you’re not around.

The device has run through multiple tests that show how its lock and alarm ensure the highest amount of security you could ever ask for your motorcycle. Since it runs on batteries, you don’t have to deal with annoying wiring anymore.

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4. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets

Remember all those times when you had to pull over your motorcycle just to attend a call or change the music? With the FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets, such inconveniences won’t bother you anymore.

You can sync this helmet with your Smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy hands-free calls, GPS navigation audio, radio, music, and even Siri voice command while riding. All of these functions can be accessed with just one button for absolute ease of use.

The overall helmet is made of high-grade materials and ensures your safety while you drive. You even get a pair of riding gloves along with the helmet.

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5. Ogio Adult No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

Keeping your belongings safe while riding will never be a problem again with the Ogio Adult No Drag Mach 3 Backpack.

To start with, this backpack has a water and wind resistant exterior so that all your contents stay protected inside the bag. The interior of the backpack comes with a secured zippered compartment and other dedicated compartments for comfortably storing your laptop, iPad, gadgets, books, shoes, and more.

Its ergonomic design ensures that the weight is evenly distributed which means it will not wear you down or hurt your shoulders. Its shoulder straps are comfy and adjustable so you can adjust them at your convenience.

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6. Kuryakyn Weather-Resistant Motorcycle Sound Bar

Riding shouldn’t stop you from enjoying music and the Kuryakyn Weather-Resistant Motorcycle Sound Bar ensures that you enjoy the best music experience on wheels.

It features full-range speakers that blare out with music that is free of any distortion which means nothing can come between you and your music.

It’s also water, weather, and heat resistant so you have a trouble-free music experience. It fits perfectly on all motorcycles and stays firmly in position on installation. Connect it to your smartphone Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

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7. Smart Motorcycle Automatic Turn Signal Cancelling Module

With the Smart Motorcycle Automatic Turn Signal Cancelling Module, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn your motorcycle’s indicator off.

This is because the device can sense your movements and automatically turn the turn signal off only after you take your turn so that you don’t end spending half your journey stressed over the indicators.

Whether you’re turning left, right, or taking a roundabout, you can simply rest assured that your turn signal will never give a false indication again.  

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8. Smart Motorcycle Brake Light Modulator

Make sure that the drivers behind you always know that you’re slowing down with the Smart Motorcycle Brake Light Modulator.

Reducing your speed by downshifting gears instead of applying the brakes is convenient, but it can also put you in a potentially dangerous situation because the actual brake lights don’t come on when you slow down this way. 

This handy system will activate the brake lights when you’re down shifting to help ensure that everybody around you knows you’re braking.

You can either flash your brake light or keep it steady when any deceleration is noticed by the device.

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9. GIVI Tanklock Quick Release Tank Bag

When it comes to buying a reliable tank bag, the GIVI Tanklock Quick Release Tank Bag is a great option. To mount it to your motorcycle’s gas tank, you can simply get the GIVI’s tank lock fitting kits and you’re ready to go!

It’s made of high-quality polyester which gives its exterior a semi-rigid, robust structure. The material, combined with its aerodynamic design makes the tank bag solid and yet lightweight so that you can not only mount it with ease but also use it comfortably.

It has waterproof zips and comes with a waterproof bag to ensure all your content stays protected from the rains.

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10. FreedConn Helmet Bluetooth Headset

The FreedConn Helmet Bluetooth Headset is a great option if you’re looking for a convenient headset while you’re riding.

You can simply mount it on your helmet for the perfect headset experience. If you’re out riding with 2-3 more riders, you can pair your FreedConn Helmet Bluetooth Headset with theirs. This will enable two riders to talk at the same time while riding.

You can sync it to your smartphone via Bluetooth for a hands-free way of attending calls, listening to music or FM, following GPS prompts, and more.

You can pick the soft mic headset for a full helmet and the hard mic headset for a half helmet.

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11. BigPantha Upgraded Motorcycle Grip, Throttle & Brake Lock

Worried about your motorcycle getting stolen when you’re away? Check out the BigPantha Upgraded Motorcycle Grip, Throttle & Brake Lock for some peace of mind.

With this device, you can lock or unlock your motorcycle in less than 5 seconds so that you lock it in no time even if you’re in a rush.

When the lock is enabled, its design immobilizes the motorcycle clutch or throttle so that nobody can even think of stealing it.

The lock is super-tough and tamper-resistant through and through which not only makes it durable but almost impossible for just about anyone to mess around with your motorcycle.

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12. Rokform Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Mount

You can’t always stop and pull your smartphone from your pocket every time you need to use it while riding your bike. To make the situation a lot easier, you can rely on the Rokform Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Mount.

It has a magnetic design that not only helps you mount your phone with ease but also locks and grips your phone securely. This ensures that your phone stays in place instead of falling away even during the bumpiest of rides.

You can rotate it 360 degrees and tilt it from -20 to +55 degrees for versatile and easy access to your phone.

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13. Motorcycle SAE To USB Adapter

If you want to keep your phone or GPS device charged on the go, the Motorcycle SAE To USB Adapter is a perfect option for you.

The device uses your motorcycle battery to charge your devices while you’re riding so you never have to deal with the inconvenience of running out of charge again.

It is compatible with almost all devices and can charge a device up to 80% on the go within a span of 35 minutes so you know your device will be ready and charged by the end of your ride.

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14. Helmetlok Carabiner Helmet Lock & Extension

Losing your helmet every time you leave it by your parked motorcycle can be annoying and expensive. This is why it’s important to secure it with the Helmetlok Carabiner Helmet Lock & Extension.

The helmet has a carabiner design and includes a programmable 4-digit lock mechanism. This makes it super quick and easy to lock your helmer to your motorcycle. The carabiner is also compact enough to be tossed away in your pocket after use.

The lock can be attached to your bike’s handlebar, gear racks, bike frames, grab rails, or anything with a diameter of less than 1.5 inches.

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15. Moto Chain-Mate Cleaning & Lubrication Kit

Your motorcycling experience can be truly great only when you continue to maintain your beast with care. This is where the need for the Moto Chain-Mate Cleaning & Lubrication Kit comes in.

This kit plays two important roles in maintaining your motorcycle chain health – first, it cleans the chains through and through, and second, it lubricates them to ensure their smoothness.

It’s adjustable telescopic rods perfectly fits your chain geometry to ensure perfect cleaning. It also comes with an overspray cap which ensures that your bike stays protected from lubes and solvents getting in the way of the rear-wheel and other bike parts.

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16. Official GoPro Helmet Front & Side Mount

For all the GoPro plus motorcycling enthusiasts out there, the Official GoPro Helmet Front & Side Mount is the most important companion your camera will need.

You can attach this mount to either the sides or the front of your helmet, mount your GoPro to it, and film thrilling videos while you cruise down the landscapes on your bike.

You can even rotate your camera or easily adjust it in a variety of angles to get those perfect shots. It’s super-simple to mount on your helmet and keeps your camera steady throughout your rides.

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17. SAVIOR Unisex Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Chilly weather thwarting your next motorcycle adventure? The SAVIOR Unisex Heated Motorcycle Gloves are here to save the day!

Made of insulating material, these gloves run on batteries to keep your hands warm and protected for a great ride. They have three different temperature settings so that you can adjust the amount of warmth you need as per the weather outside.

Alongside being comfy and breathable, these gloves also have a waterproof and wind-resistant cover which makes them your fuzzy best friend.

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18. NOCO GENIUS2 2-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger

The NOCO GENIUS2 2-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger is the savior your motorcycle battery will ever need.

This super-compact all in one device includes a battery charger, trickle charger, battery desulfator, and a battery maintainer.

It can even charge dead motorcycle batteries that are as low as 1 volt so you know you can get always get through every messy battery situation.

NOCO has also included the ability to restore your battery by detecting acid stratification and battery sulfation so that your motorcycle enjoys a long battery life.

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19. Crampbuster Throttle Mounted Motorcycle Cruise Assist

Long rides can often cause fatigue and probably ruin your motorcycling adventure.

This is why it’s important to have a comfortable and convenient throttle control system with the help of the Crampbuster Throttle Mounted Motorcycle Cruise Assist. It is a motorcycle grip control system that ensures a smooth and painless ride.

It has short and wide palm rest which lets you have full throttle control while keeping your hands relaxed. This means your hands won’t ever get cramped or fatigued during your rides.

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20. Extreme Max Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

If you’re looking for a wheel chock that is convenient to use and ensures maximum stability, the Extreme Max Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock is a great option.

Made of high-grade steel and a durable powder-coat, it comes with heavy-duty durability and strength so you know it will always stick with your motorcycle.

It has different cradle adjustments for the rear wheel which ensures that your bike fits perfectly. Because it has a bolt assembly system, you can put it together in no time.

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21. Ciro Black Rubber Drink Holder

Staying hydrated means everything when you’re motorcycling. But a majority of people don’t care to drink water frequently because it can be an inconvenience to grab a water bottle from a backpack.

This is when the Ciro Black Rubber Drink Holder swoops in to ensure every motorcyclist stays healthy and hydrated. Made of robust neoprene rubber, this drink holder is super durable and can last throughout all your adventures.

It also ensures that your bottle stays securely in place throughout the roughest of your rides. Its design even lets you detach your bottle in no time so that you constantly drink water whenever you feel the need to.

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22. TACHICO Motorcycle LED Light Kit

If you’re looking for a lighting makeover for your bike, you can easily turn to the TACHICO Motorcycle LED Light Kit.

Since it’s App-based and remote-controlled, you can control the lights quickly and smoothly. The kit includes 20 lighting effects and 20 vibrant and cool colors which means you can create your very own lighting designs.

It also includes 4 music modes so that you can sync your lights with the beats of the music you’re playing.

You can use its smart brake feature which makes your bike light up when you put on the brakes so that it stands out among other vehicles.

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23. V1 Motor Portable Mini Air Compressor

If you want to ensure that you don’t spend half your motorcycle ride worrying about your tires bailing on you, the V1 Motor Portable Mini Air Compressor is the tool you need.

It includes a 6’ power cord and a 26” inflator hose which makes it easy for you to recover your tires. Because it’s amazingly lightweight and compact, you can take it along with just about anywhere. You can simply use your car’s cigarette lighter socket so that you can power it up in no time.

It also comes with battery alligator clips and battery ring terminals that help you comfortably connect any automotive battery so that you never have to worry about a power source again.

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The Top 6 Motorcycle Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

MoniMoto Smart GPS Tracker & Alarm

Instant alerts & GPS tracking = peace of mind!

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FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring

The smart way to monitor your tire pressures.

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Oxford OF3 Disc Lock & 100dB Alarm

An ultra-strong alarm lock to secure your ride.

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Smart Automatic Turn Signal Cancelling Module

Never worry about your turn signal again!

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Smart Motorcycle Brake Light Modulator

Best driver alert system when engine braking.

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Motorcycle SAE To USB Adapter

Bring your beast into the 21st Century!

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