23 Retro Gadgets That Are a Total Blast From The Past

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: August 3, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 retro gadgets we’re geeking out over!

20 years

That’s when experts say products and gadgets can be considered ‘retro’. [source]

Whether you grew up in the 50’s or the 90’s, it’s always fun to reminisce about the “good old days.” 

When you see one of your favorite toys or gadgets that you grew up with, it’s enough to make you feel like a kid all over again. 

From audio accessories to video games and a bunch of cool stuff in-between, we’ve gathered a list of the coolest retro gadgets all designed to take you on a walk down memory lane.

retro gadgets

The Best Retro Gadgets & Toys In 2024

1. JLab Audio Rewind Retro Wireless Headphones

The JLab Audio Rewind Retro Wireless Headphones give you the look of your favorite headphones from the 80’s and 90’s with all of today’s best technological advancements.

Connect these retro-style headphones to any Bluetooth-enabled device for wireless playtime that lasts up to 12 hours.

Your old headphones may have looked pretty cool, but we’re sure they didn’t feature custom EQ3 Sound, convenient music controls, a built-in microphone or noise isolation like this updated version does!

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2. Mini Replica iMac G3 Apple Watch Stand

Get a blast from the past every time you rest your Apple Watch on this adorable iMac G3 Apple Watch Stand. Its design is modeled after those colorful vintage Apple computers from 1998 that we all came to know and love.

No matter which Apple Watch series you have, this retro stand is compatible with all of them, from 1 through 6 and even SE. Get it in the original Bondi Blue color or Aqua Pink for a feminine touch.

The elago W4 Nightstand has a convenient cable management system in the back for a clutter-free appearance. It also supports Night Stand Mode and charging (charging cable not included).

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3. GPO Brooklyn 1980S-Style Digital Portable Boombox

GPO Brooklyn 1980S-Style Digital Portable Boombox

Become the coolest kid on the block all over again with the GPO Brooklyn 1980S-Style Digital Portable Boombox.

One of my personal favorite retro accessories, this awesome boombox has the iconic style of the 80’s combined with all the features you could want in a nostalgic piece of audio equipment.

Dig out your old CD booklet and your box of cassette tapes and pump up the volume! Use the top-loading CD player or the front-loading cassette deck to play all your favorite tunes.

The cassette player even comes with a digital tape counter and record function so you can relive the days of sitting in anticipation to capture your favorite songs from the radio.   

With Bluetooth compatibility, a USB port and aux-in jack, you can connect any external device to the boombox and play your current music collections from iPhone, Android, smartphone, tablet and more. 

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4. NES Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition

Videogame lovers, rejoice! All your favorite classic games are back, packed neatly into the NES Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition.

I don’t know a millennial out there who doesn’t hold the classic Nintendo system near and dear to their heart. We all melt into puddles of nostalgic bliss reminiscing about our favorite classic games and all the hours we spent playing Nintendo.

Relive those days with the Nintendo Mini! It comes with 30 preloaded games, including fan-favorites like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, PAC-MAN, Mega Man, Legend of Zelda and much more.

It also has a compact, portable design, which is great for toting around to friends’ houses so you can be the life of the party. It’s compatible with the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. 

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5. Sega Genesis Mini

We can’t talk about the classic Nintendo console without mentioning the SEGA Genesis! Another iconic console from the 90’s is back with the SEGA Genesis Mini.

This slick mini console is great for traveling with and comes preloaded with 42 legendary games.

Packed with two wired controllers, a power cable, USB adapter and HDMI cable, the unit comes ready to play right out of the box.  

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6. Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Bluetooth Connected Instant Film Camera

Who can forget when Polaroid cameras came around and gave us a chance to see the photos we took almost-instantly for the first time ever? Relive the moment with the Polaroid Originals OneStep+ Bluetooth Connected Instant Film Camera.

These days, kids can’t imagine what it was like to have to wait days – sometimes weeks – to get film developed in order to see the pictures you take. The Polaroid camera revolutionized the industry and was like the digital camera of its time! This updated version is as easy to use as the original and comes with some exciting new features.

With a 60-day battery life, standard and portrait lenses, Bluetooth compatibility and a connected app, you can have more fun taking Polaroids than ever before!

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7. GoCube – Smart Bluetooth Connected Rubik’s Cube

Ah, the Rubik’s Cube. You either loved it or found it one of the most frustrating toys you’d ever laid your hands on. The iconic retro game cube has been brought into the 21st Century with GoCube – Smart Bluetooth Connected Rubik’s Cube.

GoCube took the Rubik’s Cube design and elevated the play experience with an app-enabled STEM puzzle that’s made for all ages. Now you can solve the cube in a fun and interactive way, and it doesn’t end there!

With a mini games section, you can do so much more than just solve the cube. The app allows you to play and battle online with other cubers all around the world.  

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8. Casio Vintage Calculator Watch

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s either had a Casio Calculator Watch or knew someone who did. Travel back in time (figuratively, of course) every time you look at your wrist with the Casio Vintage Calculator Watch.

This classic geek-chic accessory has made a big comeback in recent years. An 8-digit calculator has constants for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, making it both a useful and stylish little retro gadget.

Enjoy additional features like dual-time, 1/100-second stopwatch, and an auto calendar that’s pre-programmed until 2079. 

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9. Azio Retro Mechanical Keyboard

While typewriters have an aesthetic appeal that us nostalgic folk long for, typing on one isn’t exactly realistic in today’s fast-paced, computer-based world. The Aziz Retro Mechanical Keyboard makes it possible to enjoy the style of a classic typewriter design in an updated keyboard version for your computer.

This funky retro device features a chrome plated body and keycaps along with a clicky mechanical switch so you can even enjoy that familiar feel and clack-clack-clack sound that a typewriter makes without having to sacrifice the convenience of your computer.

Just plug it in to your machine’s USB port for a fun blast from the past.

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10. Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio

Everybody loves the look of a vintage 1950’s radio. Enjoy all the retro style with modern features with the Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio.

Use the antique-style knobs and tuners to play Am/FM radio or connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to play all your favorite tunes wirelessly. The only thing this radio is missing is a record player!

Speaking of which, Victrola also makes a vintage portable suitcase record player.

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11. Victrola 50’s Retro Bluetooth Record Player with Built-in Speakers

Relive the 50’s with the Victrola 50’s Retro Bluetooth Record Player with Built-in Speakers. This updated version offers so much more than a regular turntable with an authentic 1950’s style.

At first glance, it’s a regular 3-speed turntable, but take a closer look. Bluetooth compatibility, a front-loading CD player and AM/FM radio makes this one classy multimedia center that any nostalgic audiophile will want to add to their collection.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this piece is that it has a vinyl to MP3 recording function, so you can even use it to digitize your entire record collection and enjoy your favorite old songs on the go!

It’s available in a cool cherry red color as well as a sleek black option.

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12. View-Master First Look Kit Action Game

As a kid, it was so exciting to marvel at slides of “3-D” images through the lenses of the classic View-Master, but now we know that those were far from actual 3-D. The View-Master First Look Kit Action Game is an update of the classic kid’s toy. It allows you to immerse yourself in stunning 360-degree environments for a true 3-D experience.

Enter the world of virtual reality with this exciting gadget. Simply download a View-Master VR app to your smartphone, slide the phone into the viewer and click the lever. This advanced version of the old paper preview reels will launch you into an immersive 360-degree experience.

Choose from a range of Experience Packs and explore them all!

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13. MASHTAPE – 4GB Retro Digital Cassette

If you’re looking for a geeky gadget that has a touch of nostalgic appeal, the MASHTAPE 4GB Retro Digital Cassette is a super-cool and super-useful one to have!

A USB flash drive is tucked neatly into a case designed to look like a classic cassette tape. With 4GB of space, you can load it up with thousands of songs, photos, videos and documents. 

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14. Retro Phone Screen Magnifier

Watch classic shows or your favorite current ones through an adorable 8-inch retro TV with this Retro Phone Screen Magnifier. Get the best of past and present while giving your eyes a rest with this unique device.

Simply slide your iPhone into the slot at the back, line it up with the magnifying screen and watch whatever you want on this mini-TV. 

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15. KOBWA Retro TV Phone Stand & Bluetooth Speaker

While the KOBWA Retro TV Phone Stand and Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t magnify the screen of a phone, it comes with a host of other features and has a sleek, Jetson’s-esque design.

Its main feature is a Bluetooth-enabled 3D stereo sound quality speaker, which makes this device great for playing music as well as watching your favorite shows and movies. With AUX, FM and Bluetooth modes, you can play from various sources as well. 

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16. Official PAC-Man Mini Arcade Machine

Add a mini-version of everyone’s favorite classic arcade game to your collection with the Official PAC-Man Mini Arcade Machine. This ¼-scale replica arcade cabinet is adorable and convenient enough to be placed anywhere at home.

Packed in a mint-condition collector’s box with a display window and official PAC-MAN artwork, this retro-style arcade game makes a perfect gift for a collector.

Miss PAC-Man is also available, so you can collect them both and be the life of the party!

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17. Retro Wireless Charger

Retro Wireless Charger

Charge your phone on an adorable charging stand that’s designed to look like an old-school TV with this Retro Wireless Charger. Just plug it into a USB outlet and pop your phone in to charge.

It’s compatible with a range of iPhone and Samsung phones.

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18. Smeg Citrus Juicer

Enjoy fresh-squeezed citrus juice without cramping up your arms and killing your wrists with the SMEG Citrus Juicer. This handy kitchen appliance delivers a blend of retro style with new technology to help you enjoy your favorite beverages quickly and easily.

A powerful 80W motor runs the machine, which is able to squeeze juice from both small and large citrus fruits. With a built-in sensor and a BPA-free, impact-resistant design, it’s safe and healthy to use. 

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19. Galanz Retro Compact Refrigerator

Give your décor a real touch of retro style with the Galanz Retro Compact Refrigerator. It looks just like the iconic refrigerators from the 60’s and comes in blue, green and red color options.

Whether you want a mini-version for a dorm room or a full-size one for a kitchen, there are eight size options to choose from to suit your space. The inside comes with all the features of an updated refrigerator, while the outside boasts a bold retro style.

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20. Granvela Retro USB Microphone

Whether you have regular conference calls, online classes or do a lot of live streaming, if you use a microphone at your computer, you’re in luck with this next nifty gadget. 

The Granvela Retro USB Microphone can make you feel like a jazz singer, radio announcer, or game show host from the 1950’s and 60’s with its super-cool retro design.

Simply plug-and-play with a handy USB cable. It’s compatible with all computer operation systems, including Windows and Mac. 

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21. Texas Instruments Little Professor Solar Calculator

While we can’t turn back time for our little ones, we can share bits and pieces from our past with them by giving them gadgets like the Texas Instruments Little Professor Solar Calculator.

This fun and educational device comes with more than 50,000 pre-programmed tasks and awards stars and smiles for correct answers.

With four basic operations and five levels of difficulty, it can keep kids engaged and learning for years to come.  

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22. Katzco 7 Inch Plasma Ball

Remember those awesome static electricity balls that you could touch at the science museum when you were a kid and they’d make your hair stand up? Now you can bring all the fun of that home for your kids to try with the Katzco 7-Inch Plasma Ball!

While this ball won’t make your hair stand on edge, it’s completely touch-sensitive with an interactive show of multi-colored lights. It also has a function that makes the light react to sound as well as touch.

Keep one at home, work or get one for your kid’s room. They’re super fun for adults and kids alike!

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23. Classic Hamburger Phone

The 80’s and 90’s were packed full of quirky electronic devices. There was always that ‘one kid’ who had a hamburger phone. If it wasn’t you, now you can too with this updated version of the Classic Hamburger Phone!

This corded phone comes with all the basic functions of a regular phone, plus an LED in-use indicator. It makes a great gift for a vintage collector as well as a fun addition to a kid’s room. 

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The Top 6 Retro Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

JLab Audio Rewind Retro Wireless Headphones

A modern & wireless take on an absolute classic!

Buy on Amazon

GPO Brooklyn 1980s-Style Digital Portable Boombox

GPO Brooklyn 1980S-Style Digital Portable Boombox

Have your own “Say Anything” moment.

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NES Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition

All the nostalgia minus the game cartridges.

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Polaroid Bluetooth Instant Film Camera

The instant pics from your childhood got a major upgrade.

Buy on Amazon

GoCube – Smart Bluetooth Rubik’s Cube

App-enabled Rubik’s Cube. Need we say more?

Buy on Amazon

View-Master First Look Kit Action Game

The View-Master with a virtual reality experience!

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