21 Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets & Merchandise That Actually Work

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: August 4, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 Star Wars kitchen gadgets we’re geeking out over!

In 2012, Disney paid more than $4 billion to acquire “Star Wars” production company Lucasfilm [source].

The crazy part?

It only took them six years to recoup their investment! Which shows how popular the franchise is [source].

Now, you’re either one of those fans or you’re looking for something for someone who is a complete fanatic.

Well you’re in luck, the force is strong with these star wars kitchen gadgets!

star wars kitchen gadgets

Not the Droids You’re Looking for, but These Are the Best Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets in 2024

1. Star Wars R2D2 Popcorn Maker

Healthy popcorn for your next Star Wars marathon made by an adorable droid? Yes please!

Not only is the Star Wars R2D2 Popcorn Maker adorable, but it uses hot air to pop the kernels without oil, so it’s healthier than other methods of making popcorn.

Plus, then you can season it to your taste rather than settling for a microwave popcorn flavor.

R2D2’s head pops off to make a bowl and the popcorn maker includes a measuring cup, so you don’t need any extra dishes.

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2. Instant Pot 6-Qt. Darth Vader Pressure Cooker

If you’ve been thinking about getting a multipurpose cooker, check out this Instant Pot 6-Qt. Darth Vader Pressure Cooker.

The inner cooking pot is made of stainless steel without a non-stick coating, so you don’t have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals touching your food.

With 14 smart cooking options (soup, bean/chili, meat/stew, poultry, rice, sauté/simmer, multigrain, steam, porridge, slow cook, yogurt, keep warm, manual, and pressure cook) and a cool Darth Vader design, you couldn’t ask for more from a kitchen appliance.

Advanced technology monitors temperature and pressure, keeps time, and adjusts heating duration and intensity.

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3. Star Wars 1-Cup Coffee Maker

Do you like to start your day with a single cup of coffee but don’t want to invest in an expensive pod machine? You’ll love this Star Wars 1-Cup Coffee Maker.

With its reusable, dishwasher-safe filter and included Chewbacca mug, all you need is your favorite ground coffee to make the perfect cup, and the removable drip tray makes cleanup a breeze.

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4. R2D2 & R2Q5 Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

The droids you’re looking for can be found as these R2D2 & R2Q5 Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers.

R2s are the perfect shape for salt and pepper shakers, and it’s easy to tell the white R2D2 salt shaker from the black R2Q5 pepper shaker. There’s a rubber stopper in the bottom of each for refilling.

The holes on the top are a little larger than some other shakers, so test them in your hand or over the sink before accidentally pouring too much salt on your food.

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5. R2D2 French Press Coffee Plunger

If you enjoy French Press coffee, you’ll love this R2D2 French Press Coffee Plunger.

With no need for filters or electricity, a French Press is one of the simplest ways to make coffee. With its R2D2 design, this French Press is also one of the most fun ways to make your morning cup!

A combination of plastic, glass, and stainless steel makes this French Press both lightweight and durable.

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6. Death Star Circo Cheese Set

Love serving cheese to guests?

With this Death Star Circo Cheese Set, you get a unique cheese board that also stores 4 stainless steel cheese tools (crumbly cheese cleaver, hard cheese knife/spreader, pronged knife, and planer).

Your friends will love the laser-engraved Death Star, and you’ll love that the recessed moat around the edge catches cheese brine and other liquids.

10.2” in diameter, this cheese board is made from eco-friendly rubberwood.

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7. Star Wars Embossed Rolling Pin

Make fun Star Wars-themed cookies with this Star Wars Embossed Rolling Pin.

With 7 different patterns (C3PO, R2D2, Luke, Leia, Yoda, Darth Vader, and “Star Wars”) around the rolling pin, each cookie will look slightly different.

Made from beechwood, this pin is 15.8” long (including the handles).

Pro tip: Use wax paper or a dough sheet between the dough and rolling pin to prevent dough from sticking to the rolling pin.

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8. Broil Chef Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill

Step up your grilling game with this Broil Chef Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill.

Shaped like a TIE fighter, this grill is mostly made from cast aluminum with a cast iron grilling surface that can sear “Star Wars” onto your steaks.

With a 220 square inch cook surface and a 10,000 BTU burner, you’ll be a big hit at your next backyard barbecue.

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9. Stormtrooper Whiskey Bottle Set

Stormtrooper Whiskey Bottle Set – need we say more?

This set includes a 750 mL Stormtrooper-shaped decanter with a soft plug, 2 glasses where the inside is carved out to look like a Stormtrooper helmet, 4 stainless steel ice cubes, and ice tongs.

A perfect conversation piece for your wet bar, this whiskey bottle set is made from 5mm-thick glass.

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10. Whiskware Star Wars Stackable Snack Packs

Both versatile and adorable, these Whiskware Star Wars Stackable Snack Packs are perfect for carrying dry foods.

The 3 containers (two 1-cup containers and one ⅓ cup) can be used individually or stacked, and you can use them with or without the detachable handle.

BPA and phthalate-free, you can toss these packs into the freezer or dishwasher, and they’re also skinny enough to fit in most cup holders.

There are 8 fun designs to choose from: C-3PO and Chewbacca; Darth Vader and Stormtrooper; Ewok and Yoda; Han and Millenium Falcon; Leia and Rey; Luke and Vader; R2-D2 and BB-8; and The Child.

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11. Star Wars Lightsaber Hand Blender

Feel like a Jedi when you use this Star Wars Lightsaber Hand Blender.

With an ABS plastic body and a colored stainless steel shaft, this lightweight immersion blender is perfect for making soups, sauces, and smoothies.

15” long, this hand blender is officially licensed by Disney, so you know it looks as close to a lightsaber as a mixer can.

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12. Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Why eat regular waffles when you can use this Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker instead?

Not only does the outside look like the Millenium Falcon, but it makes waffles in that shape, too.

Made from cast aluminum with coated non-stick waffle plates, this will make a unique addition to any kitchen.

You should know that it does take longer to cook than other waffle makers, so keep that in mind.

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13. Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

You won’t want to go back to using bamboo chopsticks after you get your hands on these Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks.

Using tiny camera batteries, these chopsticks light up in red or blue (you get one pair of each).

A little thicker than normal chopsticks, some users may have a hard time handling them. Also, since they’re made of relatively thin BPA-free plastic, they aren’t ideal for use in hot soups. They are perfect for sushi, noodles, and more!

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14. Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Cookie Cutters

Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Cookie Cutters

Forget about boring round cookies. These Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Cookie Cutters make cookies so much more fun!

Each cookie cutter is 3” long. Baby Yoda’s ears make him bigger at 3.8” wide, while the Mandalorian is 2.5” wide.

More than just outlines, these cookie cutters emboss the tops of the cookies, too, for that extra bit of detail.

Note that these cookie cutters are hand-wash only.

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15. Boba Fett 20 Ounce Ceramic Sculpted Mug

Want a unique coffee cup that holds more than the average mug? This Boba Fett 20 Ounce Ceramic Sculpted Mug is extra large to help you power through your day.

With its interesting shape and bright colors, this mug will make an excellent addition to your Star Wars collection.

While it is microwave safe, you shouldn’t put this mug in the dishwasher.

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16. BB-8 Pizza Cutter With Sound Effects

Pizza is already pretty great. Now it’s even more fun when you cut it with this BB-8 Pizza Cutter With Sound Effects.

The plastic handle has a BB-8 design, and while the stainless steel cutting wheel slices through your pizza, it makes movie-themed noises and sounds.

About 8.5” long, this pizza cutter comes with the right batteries, so you can assemble it and start to use it right away.

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17. Metal Death Star Spatula

Whether you’re making pancakes or grilling burgers, you’ll love this sturdy Metal Death Star Spatula.

The large round head (about 4.5” across) is perfect for working with larger foods, and since it’s metal, you don’t have to worry about it melting. All in all, it’s just over a foot long.

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18. Star Wars Silicone Ice Cube & Chocolate Molds

Candy, soap, jello, bath bombs…you’ll never run out of ways to use these Star Wars Silicone Ice Cube & Chocolate Molds!

Dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 440°, these molds are extremely versatile and can handle just about any task.

Each of the 8 molds has a different pattern. You can make 2 Millenium Falcons or 6 Darth Vader, Yoda, or Stormtrooper heads all at once, for example.

A recipe E-book is included with each purchase to help you get the most out of your molds.

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19. Wilton Darth Vader Cake Pan

Make somebody’s birthday extra special with this Wilton Darth Vader Cake Pan.

Not only is the aluminum cake pan itself shaped like Vader’s helmet, but it includes instructions for how to do the icing, including which piping tips to use to get the perfect details.

At 11” by 11.5” by 2”, it holds about the same amount of batter as a regular cake pan – but it’s way more fun!

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20. R2D2 Bento Box

Take your lunch to work in style with this R2D2 Bento Box.

It has 3 compartments, each with a slightly different volume. The bottom compartment holds 13 oz, the middle holds 14 oz, and the top holds 9 oz. All put together, you get R2D2.

An included carry bag makes this bento box easy to take with you (although it won’t help keep your food hot or cold).

Reviewers have noted that this bento box is too difficult for small children to open, so it’s better for teens and adults.

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21. R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

Practical and fun, you’ll love this R2D2 Measuring Cup Set.

Put it all together and you’ve got R2D2. Take it apart and you get 4 measuring cups (1 cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, and ¼ cup) and 4 measuring spoons (1 tsp, ⅓ tbsp, ¼ tsp, and ½ tsp).

Made of BPA-free food-grade ABS plastic, this measuring cup set is adorable. You should know that it isn’t dishwasher safe or microwavable, though.

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The Top 6 Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

Stormtrooper Whiskey Bottle Set

The perfect conversation starter.

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Star Wars R2D2 Popcorn Maker

This is the droid you’re looking for!

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Broil Chef Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill

Backyard BBQs will never be the same.

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Instant Pot 6-Qt. Darth Vader Pressure Cooker

Use the force (of pressure) to cook your meals!

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Star Wars 1-Cup Coffee Maker

A fanatical way to start your day.

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Boba Fett 20 Ounce Ceramic Sculpted Mug

Boba Fett! What else is there to say?

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