23 Beer Gadgets That Even A Hipster Would Fall In Love With

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: August 3, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 beer gadgets we’re geeking out over!

$119.3 billion

That’s around the amount of beer and malt-based beverages sold to U.S. consumers each year [source].

That’s a lotta lager!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a craft beer connoisseur or just enjoy a couple of cold ones on the golf course, there’s a beer gadget to enhance your experience.

beer gadgets

While this is meant to be a lighthearted and fun topic, we do want to stress to drink responsibly. If you’re struggling with alcohol abuse, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a 24/7 hotline that can give you information and treatment referrals: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

The Best Beer Drinking & Homebrew Gadgets In 2024

1. BeerDroid Automated Beer Brewing System

Do you enjoy making your own beer but aren’t a fan of the time and space required for traditional methods of home brewing?

With the BeerDroid Automated Beer Brewing System, making your own homebrew couldn’t be any easier.

All you need to do is add 10 L (2.6 gallons) of water plus the BrewPrint ingredients, and the BeerDroid (along with the BrewArt app) does the rest.

The compact design takes up less space than other methods of homebrewing, and the automation makes the process just about foolproof for perfect beer every time.

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2. Ultimate Homebrewer’s Kit

Ultimate Homebrewer's Kit

If you prefer to have a little more control over the brewing process, you’ll love the Ultimate Homebrewer’s Kit.

This kit comes with everything you need to start making your own beer, including the fermentation system, a 5-gallon recipe kit, 100 bottle caps, a capping tool, a thermometer, and a sanitizing packet.

Choose from an Oktoberfest or West Coast IPA recipe kit or try your own recipes.

When making your own beer, keep in mind that hops can pose a risk to dogs, so be careful about how you dispose of your hops if you have pets.

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3. BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

Enjoy your favorite brews responsibly by using the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer.

Not only can this gadget accurately estimate your blood alcohol level, but it encourages you to guess your BAC first so you can learn how to better determine impaired you actually are.

Beyond that, ZeroLine technology estimates the time until your BAC is 0.00% and will pull up your Uber app if you blow anything higher than that.

Keep in mind that while you can legally drive with a BAC under 0.08%, it’s really only safe to drive when it’s 0.00%.

Having a party? You can purchase additional mouthpieces and test your guests before allowing them to drive home.

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4. Corkcicle Decapitator Bottle Cap Opener

Why use a regular bottle opener when you can use the Corkcicle Decapitator Bottle Cap Opener, which bills itself as “the coolest bottle cap opener ever.”

You simply place the device on your beer and press down. The Decapitator pops off the cap while its magnet finishes removing it.

Since it doesn’t require any wrist or finger strength, it’s not just fun for everybody, but it’s also useful for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other conditions that make it difficult to use traditional bottle openers.

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5. Shower Beer Holder

Shower Beer Holder

Whether you’re winding down after a tough day or gearing up for a big night out, the Shower Beer Holder is a great way to enjoy your favorite brew while getting clean.

Sticking best to smooth, glass-like surfaces, this gadget helps keep your beer away from splashes and soap and is more secure than balancing your drink on the rim of the bathtub.

Available in grey or navy, this beer holder also makes a great gift.

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6. GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler

Bring home a growler from your favorite craft brewery, carbonate your homebrew, or bring along your beer on a camping trip with the GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler.

With the ability to keep your beer cold all day and fresh for several days, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this growler.

The carbonation cap lets you choose your optimal carbonation level from 0 to 15 psi, while the sight glass lets you see how much beer you have left.

You need to replace the CO2 cartridge before every fill, so make sure you order extras.

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7. Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Bottle & Can Cooler

Make sure your last sip is as cold as the first, no matter how hot the weather is, with the Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Bottle & Can Cooler.

This two-in-one beer bottle and can cooler will hold almost any beer brand and keep it cold for an hour or more.

As a bonus, the top keeps out bugs and sand between swigs and has a built-in bottle opener for added convenience.

Available in 10 colors, you and your friends and family can all tell your drinks apart, too, if you all get different colors.

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8. Kirin Frozen Beer Slushy Maker

Why not keep your beer cold from the inside rather than the outside?

With the Kirin Frozen Beer Slushy Maker, you can create a slushy beer foam that adds a unique texture to your beer and keeps it cold while melting into more beer.

The instructions are in Japanese, but they also have illustrations showing how to use this gadget.

Beer slushies were originally found in Japanese beer gardens, so you can feel like you’re visiting another country while you’re at home.

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9. BierSafe Underground Beer Storage

BierSafe Underground Beer Storage

Keep your beer cold without any ice or electricity using the BierSafe Underground Beer Storage.

Away from the sun’s rays, the earth is relatively cool when you dig more than a few inches below the surface. The BierSafe protects 8 beer bottles or cans and keeps them cold when you bury it underground.

For additional cooling, the BierSafe can hold some ice cubes and has 3 drainage holes at the bottom.

This is also a great way to hide your beers when you’re at the beach, and it’s far more convenient than a large ice chest.

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10. Moving Beer Pong Robot

Moving Beer Pong Robot

Have you and your friends gotten a little too good at “regular” beer pong? Make the game more challenging with the Moving Beer Pong Robot!

This robot holds 6 cups and moves randomly around the table. Sensors prevent it from bumping into anything or falling off the table.

Only one robot is included, so make sure to order two to keep the game fair!

Note that this robot charges using a standard micro USB charger, which isn’t included.

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11. Untappd Beer Discovery App

Untappd Beer Discovery App

There’s an app for everything these days, including finding your next great beer. Untappd Beer Discovery App has tons of features to discover the best beers from around the corner to around the world.

Some of the features in the app include:

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12. Beer Can Covers

Don’t like advertising that you’re drinking beer? Use these Beer Can Covers to make it look like you’re drinking soda, instead.

The silicone can covers in this 5-pack fit all regularly shaped 12 oz beer cans and fold up small when you aren’t using them.

Since each can cover has a different soda brand logo, it’s also a great way to keep track of whose drink is whose.

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13. Beer Cap Launcher

Bottle openers don’t get much more fun than the Beer Cap Launcher.

After it removes your bottle cap, the Beer Cap Launcher can shoot it up to 15 feet.

Shoot your bottle caps right into the trash or create a target to shoot at, but be safe and don’t shoot the caps at each other – metal bottle caps and eyeballs don’t mix.

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14. 6ixPack Golf Insulated Cooler Bag

Bring your favorite beers on your next golf outing with the 6ixPack Golf Insulated Cooler Bag.

Specially designed to fit in the side pocket of most golf bags, the 6ixPack also includes an ice pack and a carrying strap.

This insulated cooler bag will hold six 12-oz cans or four 440 mL cans.

Save money by skipping bar prices for beer during your next 18 holes.

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FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! That was a close one… now that I have your attention, if you’re a golf addict, definitely don’t have a peek at these gadgets that will help you go low in 2024!

15. Black And Tan Beer Layering Gadget

Pour beautiful layered beers with this Black And Tan Beer Layering Gadget.

It may take a couple of times to figure out the best technique, but after that, you’ll get perfectly layered beers every time you use it (assuming you use the right beer combinations, of course).

Much easier than using an upside-down spoon, this gadget is a nearly foolproof way to get that cool layered look.

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16. Beer Bottle Chiller Sticks

Do you want to keep your beer cold without giving up the feeling of that cool, damp bottle in your hand? Get the best of both with these Beer Bottle Chiller Sticks.

Rather than wrapping your beer bottle in insulation, these chiller sticks keep your drink cold from the inside.

Simply place the stick in ice or the freezer for about an hour before use, then pop it into your long-neck bottle and enjoy cold beer on even the hottest days.

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17. Beer Foaming Stones

Beer Foaming Stones

Make your bottled or canned beer taste like it’s fresh out of the tap with these Beer Foaming Stones.

How do they work? The unique design of these carved soapstones creates bubbles as you pour your beer over them, causing a frothy head and a fresh-from-the-tap taste.

For even better results, keep them in the freezer so they also help keep your beer cold while you enjoy it.

Word to the wise – be careful drinking the last few sips or you could chip a tooth.

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18. BottleLoft Magnetic Beer Bottle Holders

BottleLoft Magnetic Beer Bottle Holders

Make better use of the space in your fridge with these BottleLoft Magnetic Beer Bottle Holders.

Two strips with 3 magnets attached to each strip let you hang a six-pack of beer bottles from the ceiling of your fridge, freeing up shelf space for food.

The heavy-duty peel-and-stick adhesive and super-strong neodymium magnets should hold your beers aloft indefinitely.

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19. Bike Six Pack Caddy

Bike Six Pack Caddy

Looking for a convenient way to carry a 6-pack on your bike that uses upcycled materials?

The Bike Six Pack Caddy is made from used bike inner tubes and upcycled tent fabric, making this an environmentally conscious way to carry your favorite brews while reducing your carbon footprint farther by biking rather than driving.

Due to the upcycled nature of the materials, each caddy will look unique and set you apart from the crowd.

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20. Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Open your beers with one hand and keep the caps off the floor with this Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener.

With super strong magnets on the front and back, this bottle opener sticks securely to your fridge and “grabs” bottle caps as you remove them.

It’ll hold up to 30 bottle caps, keeping them safely off your floor or counters.

You can also use the included screws to mount this bottle opener on any wall, and an additional small opener is included that you can mount in another location.

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21. GrabOpener One-handed Bottle Opener

Want the easiest bottle opener around? You’ll love the GrabOpener One-handed Bottle Opener.

There’s a bit of a learning curve the first time you use it, but once you understand how it works, popping open your next hold drink is as easy as grabbing it by the neck.

A super-strong magnet not only holds onto the caps but also sticks this bottle opener on your refrigerator so it’s always handy.

This bottle opener is available in 5 colors: green, orange, gold, purple, and red.

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22. Beer Savers Silicone Bottle Caps

Do you like to just sip a beer without committing to finishing the whole thing in one sitting? Stop wasting the rest and use these Beer Savers Silicone Bottle Caps instead.

Fitting most bottle sizes, these silicone caps help keep your beer sealed and bubbly in your fridge overnight.

They’re also a great way to keep bugs out of your drink when you’re outside and may help prevent spills if you live with pets who might knock your drink over.

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23. Cave Tools Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Beer can chicken is some of the moistest meat you can heave, but beer cans aren’t designed to handle the high heat of cooking.

Avoid off-gassing and other chemicals and use the Cave Tools Beer Can Chicken Roaster rather than sticking your chicken onto a regular beer can.

The canister can be filled with your favorite beer and locks into place on the rack, so it’s easy to remove your chicken. Included vegetable prongs let you grill potatoes or corn at the same time as your chicken.

It’s worth noting that this roaster is entirely made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe, which will make the cleanup a breeze!

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The Top 6 Beer Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

Corkcicle Decapitator Bottle Cap Opener

A sure fire way to make your guests jealous.

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BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzer

Always know when enough is enough.

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BeerDroid Automated Beer Brewing System


The homebrew gadget of the 21st Century.

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GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler

Cool & carbonated draft beer ANYWHERE.

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BierSafe Underground Beer Storage

BierSafe Underground Beer Storage

Just imagine wowing your guests in the backyard.

Buy on BierSafe

Moving Beer Pong Robot

Moving Beer Pong Robot

Take your beer pong skills to the next level.

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