USB Gadgets: 27 Cool & Geeky Options for the Home or Office

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By Nathan Jude | Updated: August 4, 2021

Want the best? Head straight to the top 6 USB gadgets we’re geeking out over!

Did you know USB technology began development in 1994? [source]

Crazy, right!?

The USB ports on your computer are capable of a lot more than just handling dongles and other office peripherals.

From transferring important data to enhancing your workspace aesthetics, there is a wide range of USB gadgets to explore.

We’ve rounded up some smart and fascinating options that might just end up being your computer’s favorite sidekicks!

usb gadgets

The Best USB Gadgets For Your Workspace In 2024

1. Corsair Survivor Stealth Indestructible USB Flash Drive

When it comes to storing and transferring important files, fragile USB drives are a big no-no. What you need is something robust and uncompromising.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Corsair Survivor Stealth Indestructible USB Flash Drive is waterproof and shock-resistant. This beast of a USB drive is all the protection your data needs.

It’s also 4 times faster than average USB drives, meaning you can now access most of the videos without having to copy them to the hard drive first!

It comes in sizes 32-128 GB along with a 5 years warranty.

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2. USB Powered Friendship Lamps

usb powered friendship lamps

These USB Powered Friendship Lamps let you light up your friend’s life both literally and figuratively.

If you’re missing your friend or a loved one or just want to send some love their way, all you have to do is tap your lamp and their lamp will turn on in response!

Your loved one could be living ten miles or ten countries away, but with the Friendship Lamps, it would only take a second to send them a message.

These lamps come in a range of colors so you can even associate emotions or messages through them. 

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3. Tihoo Desk & Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

It can be inconvenient to have a messy workspace. But it can be even more inconvenient to clean its surface. This is where the Tihoo Desk & Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner comes in to save the day. It’s cordless, battery-powered, and easy to carry so that cleaning surfaces becomes an absolute breeze.

Be it crumbs, ash, scraps, pet hairs, or just about any tiny mess, the Tihoo Desk & Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner cleans just about anything from just about anywhere.

Make sure that you don’t run the vacuum cleaner for more than ten minutes. 

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If you like to keep your workspace clean & tidy, it’s time to level up with these cool office gadgets.

4. Aegis Secure Key 256-bit Encryption USB Flash Drive

If your data requires high security and ease of use, the Aegis Secure Key 256-bit Encryption USB Flash Drive is just what you need. A software-free device, it features an encryption system that’s purely hardware-based. All you need to do is insert the batteries, set a pin, and you’re all set!

Since the USB is unlocked BEFORE plugging it into the computer, there’s no risk of any data theft through software, viruses, or hackers.

The security key also includes many additional features like optional auto-lock, optional self-destruct pin, drive reset, and two read-only modes. 

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5. Destruct USB Hard Drive Data Eraser

If you want to sell your system or entirely reset it, the Destruct USB Hard Drive Data Eraser is the perfect device you’d need. The reason? Factory resetting your computer doesn’t permanently delete your data since there is a possibility of recovering it through your computer’s hard drive later on. This could lead to your confidential information resurfacing in the possession of other users.

The Destruct USB Hard Drive Data Eraser doesn’t allow that to happen because it has a data deletion technology that is military-grade, ensuring an irretrievable deletion of all your sensitive files so that you don’t have to remain anxious over your data security. 

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6. Mobile Pixels Duex Pro Portable Monitor for Laptops

You may have felt the need for an extra screen that’s portable and convenient to use. The ultra-thin and portable Mobile Pixels Duex Pro Portable Monitor makes this possible.

To connect the monitor, simply slide it next to your laptop monitor and plug in the USB. This quick setup lets you get to work in no time wherever you are.

Be it portrait mode, using the monitor separately on a stand, or even turning it around for a presentation, this gadget allows all the flexibility a monitor will ever need. 

This portable monitor comes with type-A and type-C USB cables.

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7. EasyPower USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

We’ve all faced the inconvenience of batteries running out just when we needed them the most. But the EasyPower USB Rechargeable AA Batteries change the game.

These batteries are rechargeable so they can never run out of power and you can continue using the same set of batteries for more than five hundred charge cycles. This means you get to save a lot of money!

These batteries don’t require any messy cables or separate chargers so you can recharge them directly through the USB port. 

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8. Dimmable & Flexible USB Lamp Stick

Sometimes you just need a little extra light when you’re working at night. The Dimmable & Flexible USB Lamp Stick is a sleek lamp that lights up when you plug it into the USB port.

You can turn it on by tapping the sensor on top. This lamp stick also enables you to adjust the brightness so that the light is never too harsh or dim but just right.

We love how it comes with a metal neck that bends in a number of positions so that you can place it as per your need. 

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9. USB Laser Star Projector

When it comes to setting the mood for something, ambiance can make all the difference. With the USB Laser Star Projector, you can create your very own galaxy of stars. Simply plug in the projector to any USB port and your room lights up instantaneously.

This projector is a light powerhouse packed in a tiny device so you don’t have to deal with messy lighting wires or other bulky light units.

Whether you’re decorating your game room, having a little party, or simply want to make your workspace a little more interesting, the Star Projector has got you covered!

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10. YubiKey 5 Nano Two Factor Authentication USB Security Key

The internet is full of potential threats, which is why it’s paramount to secure your accounts through and through. The YubiKey 5 Nano Two Factor Authentication USB Security Key can play an important role in protecting all your online accounts against any unauthorized access. With robust security, you can rest assured that all your accounts are safe.

It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and protects your accounts on Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, Outlook, and many more. Despite its size, the YubiKey is extremely durable and resistant to any form of wear and tear. 

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11. Password Recovery & Reset USB 

Reset and recovery of a PC can be complicated because of a number of technicalities that are involved. But what if there was a quicker and easier way around it? Meet the Password Recovery & Reset USB

With a USB software that’s easy to understand, this gadget enables you to reset a password on all of your Windows systems. It also comes with a smart reboot software that can restore your PC in no time. This means that there is no need to panic if you’ve either forgotten or lost your password.

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12. Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key Reader

Why should you type your password each time you log in to your computer when you can simply use your fingerprint? The Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key Reader lets you log in to your Windows computer with just a fingerprint.

In addition, this device also gets your fingerprint to protect all your cloud-based accounts like Dropbox, Facebook, Google, and more.

We love its compact design which enables convenient usage and portability. This powerful USB key reader uses advanced encryption so that you stay protected from identity theft and other threats. 

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13. Bank Card-Sized USB Flash Drive

It can be common to lose USB drives mainly because you don’t know where exactly to store them. This Bank Card-Sized USB Flash Drive solves the problem.

It has the design of a credit card which means you can store it with your other cards and therefore never misplace it again. This USB drive has a storage capacity of 32 GB which is great for a device so slim.

It also enables quick and easy data storage and transfer and is compatible with practically every operating system. 

The design and utility of this device makes it a thoughtful – and useful – gift idea.

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14. USB Authentic Retro Mixtape

USB Authentic Retro Mixtape

It was sad to watch mixtapes go, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely non-existent today. The USB Authentic Retro Mixtape revives the concept of mixtapes by combining their retro design with current digital USB features.

This Mixtable drive comes with a storage capacity of up to 16GB, so you can store a compilation of memorable pictures and videos on it and even gift it to your dear ones.

You can also get your own personalized design and message for an extra-special detail!

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15. USB Charging Cord Bracelet

USB Charging Cord Bracelet

When it comes to creativity combined with utility, this USB Charging Cord Bracelet scores the best. This device is a charging cord and a bracelet in one so you now get to literally wear your phone charger and use it anywhere and at any time.

Made of faux leather and zinc metal, the charging cord is not only water-resistant but also looks and feels like a stylish bracelet.

This sleek mobile accessory is compatible with iPads and iPhones. 

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16. USB iPhone Photo Storage (Apple MFi Certified)

If you’ve run out of your iPhone storage and don’t wish to purchase an iCloud storage plan, you can have a look at the Apple MFi certified USB iPhone Photo Storage.

This photo stick comes with a storage capacity of 128GB so you don’t have to worry about running out of storage options. It’s easy to install and enables quick transfer of data without involving any technicalities.

Whether it’s photos, videos, contacts, or other files that you wish to save or transfer, you can use this device to backup all your iPhone data with ease. Since it can be plugged into both iPhones and computers, you even get the option of storing your data on your computer. 

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17. USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

The USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter requires no flame, fluid, or gas in order to light up. It’s an electric lighter that you can simply charge using a USB port. By doing so, you cut out the hassle of running out of lighter fluid or gas.

With a single charge, this lighter can be used more than 60 times and can be charged more than 300 times!

It’s also worth noting that this USB rechargeable lighter is wind-proof and extremely durable so that you can use it comfortably outdoors.

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18. Menopod Instant Cooling Device

Menopod Instant Cooling Device

It can be overwhelming to bear with severe sweats and flashes of heat that accompany menopause.

This is when the Menopod Instant Cooling Device can come to your rescue. It’s the only companion you’ll need during the time of menopause. Unlike ice, it provides relief that comes with a cooling temperature that’s just right. 

The Menopod is portable and can even be carried to work. All you need to do for non-messy, instant relief is press the start button and place it to the back of your neck. 

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19. USB Personal Desktop Humidifier

A dry and cold atmosphere tends to damage your skin and can even affect your mood. That can be changed with the help of this USB Personal Desktop Humidifier. Once you connect it to a USB port, it sets the mist in no time.

Since the entire device is controlled by a single button, it’s easy to operate. It has two modes that spray the mist automatically so you don’t have to do it manually throughout the day.

This device is risk-free as it turns off on its own once the safe water level goes below normal. 

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20. LEVOIT Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp

Add a calming accessory to your room with the LEVOIT Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp. It features the purest form of Himalayan Salt. The salt itself is professionally hand-carved and forms a magical part of the lamp’s design. 

Once lit, the lamp creates a warm, incandescent aura that forms from the striking amber glow coming through the salt blocks. Such a setting calms you down because it radiates warmth and peace. Whether you’re performing yoga, meditation, or even working, this lamp lets you adjust the brightness to suit every mood.

It’s also worth noting that the Salt Lamp comes with two extra 3.5-Watt bulbs. 

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21. POWERGIANT Mini Electric Screwdriver & Tool Kit

If you’re a DIY kind of person, it’s helpful to have a wide range of tools to work with. With 55 precision bits, the POWERGIANT Mini Electric Screwdriver & Tool Kit is the ultimate electric repair set you’d ever need.

From repairing a quartz watch to working your way around household appliances, this kit’s precision bits meet a multitude of repair needs effortlessly. It has a rotate speed of 150 rounds per minute and can run for two hours straight, which ensures a smooth repair experience.

It comes with a USB cable that you can plug into your laptop’s USB port and has a shadow-less light design that lets you focus on the tiniest of screws. 

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22. TP-Link USB WiFi Adapter

If you have WiFi dead zones in your house or apartment, the TP-Link USB WiFi Adapter is for you! This device lets you access your WiFi from an extended range and at a higher speed so you don’t end up wasting your time frustrated over bad networks.

This WiFi Adapter doesn’t involve messy wires or cords. It can be directly plugged into a USB port and gets to work the moment it’s plugged in.

It is compatible with Windows OS and macOS and comes with a 2-year warranty. 

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23. USB Wireless Optical Pen Mouse

If you’re frustrated with your current mouse, give it an upgrade with the USB Wireless Optical Pen Mouse. A regular mouse tends to give wrist pain to some people due to excessive maneuvering of the mouse from side to side. This pen mouse, however, comes with a superior ergonomics design that fits perfectly in your hand and doesn’t lead to any pain.

It comes in three colors and also includes a wheel that lets you turn the pages in a PDF or scroll down smoothly just like how a regular mouse would.

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24. USB Heated Lap Blanket

Adding an extra bit of comfort to your work session is always a good idea. With this USB Heated Lap Blanket, you can cut out the need for desk heaters or other sources of warmth.

This snuggly blanket includes a heating pad that’s covered with a plush velour blanket. The fabric is extra-soft so that you can experience better comfort while working.

This 31” x 17” blanket also comes with two levels of heat so that you can adjust just the right amount of warmth you need. 

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25. Unisex USB Heated Gloves

During the brutal months of winter, it can be hard to keep your hands warm while working, even if you’ve got the heat turned on. These Unisex USB Heated Gloves offers a perfect way to keep your hands warm while at work.

Regular gloves provide warmth only up to a certain degree with not much room for working once they’re on. To solve this problem, these gloves were ingeniously designed using heating pads and high-end knitting wool. They also feature a half-finger design so that it becomes easy to work while the gloves are on.

Not only are these USB-powered gloves efficient and durable, but they’re also equally comfy and stylish. 

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26. USB Fan with LED Clock Display

If you wish to feel a gentle breeze around you, all you need is a USB port and a USB Fan. The USB Fan with LED Clock Display will not only let you enjoy refreshing air but it will also display the time for you in the coolest manner.

This two-in-one device comes with a flexible neck so that you can position the fan the way you want.

This USB Fan comes with a 1-year warranty and doesn’t require any driver installations. All it requires is for you to sit back and enjoy the breeze!

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27. USB Charger Camera

Security cameras have become highly advanced with time. A great example would be the USB Charger Camera. To start with, this security camera is situated in a USB charger which makes the camera undetectable. This means that you can charge your devices using the USB Charger Camera while monitoring the surroundings.

Despite its size, this security camera can record videos in full HD along with a proper viewing angle. In addition, it requires no WiFi to function and has the capacity to seat an SD card up to 256GB.

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The Top 6 USB Gadgets We’re Geeking Out Over

USB Powered Friendship Lamps

usb powered friendship lamps

Tap your lamp and the other will light up!

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Aegis 256-bit Encryption USB Flash Drive

Keep confidential files safe & secure.

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Mobile Pixels Duex Pro Portable Monitor

Level up your laptop experience in 2024.

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Destruct USB Hard Drive Data Eraser

Military-grade data deletion technology.

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EasyPower USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

Never be without battery power ever again!

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Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Reader

Make typing passwords a thing of the past.

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